Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018


Thank you for your concerning.


@Matthew.Xu How often of shipping per week? Not sure about quantity for each batch.


Thanks for the update @Matthew.Xu, even though not that good news, it seems much more realistic than the previous ones and that’s what everybody wants. I felt the most interesting question was unanswered though, could you answer this one please:


According to our logistics partner’s requirement, each batch shipment shall not be less than 200 sets. Thank you


Last tracking is 109, I am 353. Okay wait for 2 batch.


That is excellent. This is much more realistic, while I can see me getting my product maybe between mid January - mid February, even then if I need to wait longer I will. I am OK with this. Being too optimistic makes people antsy when you miss those deadlines. These look like much more realistic numbers. I appreciate the update, it is very welcomed.


Emmmm, I am not sure what that means. Can you explain it? @light


Well the way I understood it, the HMD casings that were delivered didn’t meet your quality requirement. So the question is: what was wrong with them?


Oh, I see. The main issue is the bad appearance of B-cover and C-cover.


@Matthew.Xu Will you be sending 5KBE to testers and how soon please:grinning:


Please submit this question to service desk, and we will have someone to help you reply. Thank you.


@Matthew.Xu thank you for all the quick replies here, again it really helps the image of Pimax a lot!

One thing that is unclear to me at the moment is what you say about adding the 2nd and 3rd production line.
Is it right that those two new lines will only be started when the current, first line reaches 100 units / day?
I read elsewhere that assembly workers are already being trained for these lines?


Yes, when we reach 100 units per production line per day, we can open the second line, or even the third line.
Because some skilled workers in the first production line can be assigned to key assembly post in the second production line. The new workers will arrange in other assembly post and familiar with product assembly until proficiency. And so on.
Thank you.


Just also be aware that the last tracking might be 109 but many people have been skipped over (including me) so it doesn’t mean that 109 people have actually received tracking numbers.


70 units have been shipped according to the update post.


353 - 109 = 244

But it correct, if the is skipped around 44 persons, may I am the next batch.
Production is 20 per day rignt now, if miss the next batch, may be wait more 10 days (but already has 50 headsets in the warehouse).


THe skipping seems mostly related with how they trye to send a batch to US and a batch to EU. Arent you in Thailand right? If so maybe you will get a direct shipment?


I am in Thailand, maybe direct shipment.


I think the skipping was also related to the choice of 8k vs 5k+. The last time I checked the spreadsheet it looked like the people with higher backer numbers who got theirs before me had chose the 8k. I chose the 5k+.


But this doesn’t explain why higher backer numbers then 30 got the 5k+ too…

Still waiting for my tracking number