Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here taking about building a 100 units a day and opening other production lines. That’s what we were told a couple of months ago so nothing new there.

You’re still waiting for delivery, nothing new there. Same as what you reported last month, so still waiting.

Get your problems sorted in house first, build a few units, ship them and then give us some good news. I don’t see anything that has change since last month.


About delivery and logistics, you can submit it to the service desk. My team will help you to solve and reply in the system. Thank you


Seems like the is down now…


I tried just now. Can you try again?


I believe it’s really happening this time. Let’s not bash him down, atleast someone is actually answering to our questions! And not just “I’ll check and get back to you”
No offense to Miss X :blush:

Edit. @Raujok seems ti work, but loads up very slowly


Ah i see its working now again thanks


Not bashing him at all, I’m just interested in some real progress. From what I can see nothing has changed other than we have a new date. That date is just as likely to change or some other problems can arise with other parts.

I think when they can start to produce and ship any headsets 89.75% of posters will be happy with that.


Thank you @Matthew.Xu !
It is great to see pictures of the assembly line, most of us have no idea how it is actually made.
It could be worth it to do an assembly visit like the one Linus made of OnePlus, it has good marketing value.


Where are you seeing 300 a day, they said 50 day end of next week than 100 day by end of of the month. No where did they say 300 a day


He said 100/day per line and they intend to have 3 lines.
What I missed was that line 2 and later line 3 will only be started up once line 1 is running well at 100 pieces / day. So yeah, my math is off, now :slight_smile:


How many Vr headsets are shipped until now ?


Yeah I’m not expecting my HMD until mid/end of January. I’m in the 5k’s

  1. 50 waiting to be shipped until they have 200 units. So next week 200(100 5k+, 100 8k) more units will be shipped.


My question as well, if they have materials for 200 units, why haven’t those already shipped given these stated production figures?


They gotta build them first… Supposedly for the last few weeks production has been at a near stand still up until now when they got a new shipment of quality housings.


Don’t forget to add the time for delivery and customs clearance to your ETA…


Moreover, we have improved sourcing and testing of the housing.

Kind of…


I ordered a 5K BE as one of my kickstarter rewards, are you saying I won’t get it anytime soon?


Link pretty please sir


Sorry, I didn’t make sure of this before, and it caused you trouble. I have confirmed it with my team.

I will confirm the production schedule of 5K BE schedule with production department as soon as possible and then I will reply to you again. Thank you