Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018


The pictures matthew shared have since been deleted from his official update post with reference to trade secrets.

They showed people in clean-room suits on an assembly line, well, assembling HMDs.


Indeed, what twack3r said. I suppose it wasoo insightful for competitors perhaps :slight_smile:
I hope we get some censored images back or something :slight_smile:


Dose anyone know if the screens in the 5k+ got re-calibrated yet ?
Robin did say at the Berlin meetup that they had not done this yet.


Why was the first batch so fragmented? I know a lot of people in the first batch are still waiting.


Do you mean materials or capacity?


@Matthew.Xu I think you should get a pay rise!!

You’ve been amazing answering all the questions! :+1:


I mean, the quantity of batch 1 was 100. What I mean is, if your logistics partner requires one large sum of units for shipment, why has batch 1 been staggered? Were they shipped with a different method? I also noticed that some backers with higher numbers are receiving 5k+’s ahead of other backers, for instance backer 109, when the rest of us are still waiting.
I’m not trying to sound disgruntled I’m just looking to clarify why the numbers are jumping around when the most eager of us who ordered earlier are left waiting.
Please have a great day/night!
Thank you sincerely.


Thank you for your explanation.
We have added extra transportation costs to the previous shipment, which was decided by our company.
We are also communicating with our freight partners if logistics plan are updated or changed.
I will inform your in time.


When is the next batch expected to ship to backers and how many headsets will be shipped in this batch?


It’s my pleasure, Thank you.


The latest delivery schedule will be updated tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Thank you


I’m a backer in the 4.600, so I know I have to be patient some more time, but @Matthew.Xu what you did with all the effort you put in informing us backers here today, is putting confidence to my mind and a smile on my face, looking forward again to get my 5K+! Thank you, your work is really appreciated!


I’m in exactly the same situation. I’d also like to use my $100 5K+ refund to buy a second base station. I’ll contact Support, as suggested.


When I see the production pictures I am dying of waiting…please no further delays


Ok thank you I will do that.


Thanks for the update, delays are ok as long as we know what’s going on!


@Matthew.Xu you currently have 50 units in the warehouse. So your not shipping to anyone until you reach 200?


i think that what he said was the logistics center are shipping at batches of 200, probably a mass bulk arrangement i suspect.


The 200 number is probably tied to standard freight volumes of palette and/or containers.


What is a B-cover and a C-cover?
Have you modified the housing which is why there has been a delay?