Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018


I understand that. What I’d like to know is if they are shipping the remaining 30 people of the first batch differently before batch two which is supposed to be a quantity of 200, or has the remaining 30 backers of batch one now been bumped back to batch two.


Even by looking at the headset on Swevivers video or photos of the unit… yeah I think it was the first review video he made, I could spot the joint between the two halves of the headset (wich I believe is the B and C cover (attention: pure speculation)) was not uniform and didn’t seem to fit that well. At least not well enough to call it a good quality build.
Edit. Backers who got their headsets already can comment on this, what do you think? @Heliosurge
This… yes?


This time will be different. He won’t hit me this time. He loves me.

Although I’m glad we’ve got someone communicating with us and doing an excellent job replying and giving as much info as he can, I still cannot help but notice:

On 5/11/18 there had been 70 shipped and 20 made on that day (and 30 somewhere else). How does this fit with the statement by October we were up to 80 a day? In all of Oct and now early Nov there are only 120 made and they made 20 on the 5th.

Although I’m loving Matthew’s efforts, are Pimax still giving him the wrong information to tell us?

I think events have proven me entitled to my cynicism.


You can’t make something without all the required components. Thats why. They said they spent time training their staff and it shows. 20 units made when they finally got some quality housings again.


So how did they get to 80 per day in Oct?
And they state they have 200 qualified housings in their hands now.


Keep in mind with Matthew being back from the project he was assigned. Increases there man power to more balance the workload.


They could have made 80 per day and had to fail a large amount of those due to the faulty housing issue they spoke about.


@Matthew.Xu Thanks for keeping us updated. Don’t burn yourself out on the forums by trying to reply to every small thing. You guys need a dedicated customer support pipleline both for backer pledge problems and headset technical problems. People were upset because of production stopping and no more information. If plans change just give us the updated plan without delay, please.


Well said and also backers/forum users please think twice before asking the Pimax staff a small and perhaps meaningless question. Use the search option or ask the community, your question might have been answered already.
Help them to help us!


Quite possibly. C could also be the removable mask that has a bit of a rubber flex quality.


True, it seems to have 3 main parts. But whats your comment on the fitting I pointed in the pic, good or I’m seeing things?
Edit. I’m talking about your unit that you physically have, same kind of separation? @heliosurge


Okay if I can tell by your pic. Looks like mild separation at a couple spots of the seam is not uniform.


In my opinion on mine it could be better, something I was wondering if they will improve when shipping ours and was a little disappointing to see that join not fitted flush. Minor gripe obviously…

I still worry about button placement next to the join over time, there is slight movement in the plastic there.


True, I guess the beauty is inside :brain::heartpulse:


That’s actually quite a good marketing slogan. Pimax should use it :+1:


I’m no shipping expert but that doesn’t make any sense for small batch shipments like these if Pimax is shipping according to backer number - the next 200 units aren’t all going to ship on a pallet to the same locale, they should be spread all over the world and consequently would be getting shipped individually for the most part.


They could be shipping to places like the Philippines to get around import/tariffs and then distribute to the rest of the world.


Matthew.xu - thank you for the update.


Although my last professional exposure to logistics, distribution and shipping was around the 2005 era, when software was still a boxed product, the way the global software distribution company I used worked, was to take standard palettes of product into highly automated warehouse facilities. Robot pickers would then pull product from those palettes and assemble them into boxes destined for retail outlets like Walmart stores or Amazon etc.
So its not so much the outbound side of the logistics/distribution centre, but the ingest side that needs the standard load size, although standard packaging sizes helps the outbound side as well.
Incidentally automation didn’t always go well - we had an occasion where a picking machine destroyed a palette of product (several hundred copies) and that resulted in having to completely reproduce that palette and Amazon running out of the product in the meantime i.e. lost revenue.


I’ll need to take a better look as I am often focused inside the headset. I can’t even watch the chevron. :disappointed_relieved: :joy: