Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018


Try not to bombard him with every question possible or this alone will become his full time job. It’s highly appreciated and due for something like this. Let him continue with the production reports. People are making assumptions which batch they will be, just know they aren’t vaporware, they succeeded with the kickstarter, people have started getting them so we can all be rest assured backers and then preorders will be fulfilled as and when they can. I don’t know of any company out there that actually gives a stage-by-stage report and people expecting this of them. The updates are coming, just a waiting game now. You should get emails prior to delivery. If you get yours before Christmas, you’ve been a good boy this year :grin:


Yes, such updates makes it a bit easier to wait - at least for me :crazy_face:.


This is a great information and shows that you our making progress, thanks


A nice simple indicator for progress updates could be to also give the remaining working days left at current production rate to produce all remaining HMD from the KS.

For example: 7000 (HMD left to produce) / 20 (current daily production) = 350 working days left

Easy to understand for everyone (and could be a nice motivation for ramping up the production too^^)


Thank you for the production update!

I see that you are currently producing ~20 headsets per day, which means your line is running at 20% of anticipated full production of 100 headsets per day. It’s good that the production capacity has met the schedule, but it’s a long way from full production.

@Matthew.Xu, Is the lack of housings the only hold-up for reaching full production?

I notice something others have commented on: Currently, 5K+ and 8K units are being produced in equal numbers. However, it soon drops to an 80% / 20% split. That will appease all of the backers who want a 5K+ headset, which is good, imo.


Thats what he said (I think):
Continuing the discussion from Production Progress Update 1107:


True, but that’s not quite the same thing. They’ve reduced production, but there might be other limits to reaching 100 headsets per day (like the need to hire/train more staff). From the link:

It sounds like there could potentially be other component quality/quantity issues (like LCD panels).

So it sounds like (with housings delivered and tested) Pimax will only be at half capacity for the assembly line. This is not even the expected rate for the end of last month.

I’m hopeful, but still worried I won’t have my headset by Christmas (backer # 31xx).

Regardless, I do NOT want Pimax to scrimp on QA. The MOST important thing is that the headsets are of good quality. No more scraps of foam on the lenses, no more lighthouse issues, etc. Note that I didn’t list software; we all know that software can never be bug free (seriously), so Pimax simply needs to strive for zero software defects.

I’m not trying to be critical, I’m attempting to help Pimax improve, towards the goal of reaching the expectations of a true international company.


Oops, I missed the word “only” in your question to Matthew


And Christmas is an important deadline for me, since the company I work for has mandatory vacation between Christmas and New Year. That week will give me the most game time I’ll have all year.


Let’s hope you will get totally immersed by the new year! I’m not in that hurry, I’m 6000ish, but hoping to get my headset in January/February.

For the topic: awesome that we finally get so detailed updates!


I would have been happy with a manufacturing and delivery projection that’s updated every week or so. Getting these many details can work against us since we have to piece it together ourselves.


Nah you don’t need to. This is better because it is much more accurate. See this is following production by telling how many are shipped up until that that aswell as how many are waiting to be shipped and produced that day. Much better than telling their expected production because we saw how that went. Of course now we can only hope they will keep this rate up.


That is the reason I gave for Pimax’s earlier response of “We can ship headsets faster if people if people preorder” (paraphrased). In other words, getting the preorders let them know they wouldn’t waste their money to ramp up production.

EDIT: Example
You have a startup cost and an upkeep cost. Each line makes 100 headsets per week.
Flat: $10,000 per line
Upkeep: $1,000 per week

If you need 600 headsets:
One line - 6 weeks, $16,000 (1x10,000 + 6x1x1,000)
Two lines - 3 weeks, $26,000 (2x10,000 + 3x2x1,000)

If you need 6000 headsets:
One line - 60 weeks, $70,000 (1x10,000 + 60x1x1,000)
Two lines - 30 weeks, $80,000 (2x10,000 + 30x2x1,000)

So each extra line adds a flat amount but doesn’t actually give you any unit price reduction. The only reason to
add more lines is to reduce the time for the following reasons:

  • Reduce the time related costs for the rest of your business.
  • Keep up with demand.
  • Release your product when it will be relevant.
  • Keep your backers happy.

For a low-production run you get the least benefits at the highest % increase in cost.

600 units

  • Only saves 3 weeks
  • Not much demand
  • 3 weeks doesn’t affect the relevancy
  • You can afford to delay for 3 week without making the backers too unhappy
  • Costs ~60% more.

6000 units

  • Saves 30 weeks (more than half a year)
  • Lots of demand
  • That much time can definitely affect the relevancy
  • Most backers would definitely be unhappy with that much wait
  • Costs ~15% more


That’s a good point.


As a moderator you should be put into the next batch of headsets as a small compensation to your volunteer work. I don’t think anybody would have a problem with that.


Thanks for the thought. I’d love to get a headset now, but I’ll wait as long as necessary, to get a quality headset. Besides, the delay allows others to work out the initial problems (that any new, complicated product is bound to have).


haha. Chicken and egg. Wait and get the improved version or get it sooner and have first hand knowledge of the product to help those that follow :wink:


Exactly. And in the meantime, I can now play E:D at 4K with ultra quality mode at 80-120 FPS on my RTX 2080. It looks great! That will have to do, until my headset arrives.


Did you mean 6000 headsets (instead of 600) or 1 week (6 days instead of 6 weeks)?


I edited it to 100 headsets per week.