Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018


They need a night shift to push out the orders :slight_smile:


Well right now materials specificially the housing is the issue. Remember they said they had trained people whilst the supply was fully stopped. They just have 200 quality housings atm. Minus 45-65.


I disagree, more lines do reduce the cost of each unit, you are making that assumption like they are totally separate entities, they are not, the logistic running for the first line will also work for the second, and by producing more they ll order more from their partners which will also reduce the cost.


That will be dependent on their partner contracts. For example in the Auto Plant I worked in. Tge Contract payed X per part. Once the contract period was conplete. The client wanted a better price & more volume.

Now it is possible there contract might have stipulations on better price per unit based on volume tiers.


Ok let’s focus on what we know, you really think Pimax could not ship 100 headsets at a time? Of course they could, it would just cost more, so they agreed with their partner to a 200 units batch.


Hi. I can assamble a Nexus 8p from scratch in half an hour. Could you please just send me a box of parts for the 5k plus? I ll assemble my 5k plus myself.
Also i could start an assembly line to help out here for all backers from Canada. My estimate is that we ll get the headsets sooner this way.
Could also ship you one assembled unit to verify the quality of work:) and i am not even joking.
Let me know. Thanks


For assembly, testing and packaging lines like these sometimes line hours are used. Under that method you don’t get into cost per unit you just pay for the line time. If you put in your own line managers and train your line workers the faster you go the cheaper it is.


I too would go for a Pimax 5k+ DIY kit , most things I have eventually end up stripped down and meddled with in some way


Any updates for today?

Will you be able to communicate the day the next lot will be shipped and until which sponsor number that lot will arrive?

Thank you :wink:


I will update the production progress tomorrow, including the delivery plan next week. Thank you


I agree that there would be some reduction in cost from having multiple lines (I mentioned the reduction in time related costs). However, adding in all the extra math detracts from the purpose of the post - a simple example of how the benefit-to-cost ratio of adding a new line is much better when you are producing a large number of units.

That wouldn’t matter for my specific example because it was only comparing the difference in price when producing the SAME number of units where the only difference is the number of lines.

However, it does benefit my overall argument about why Pimax would be able to speed up production if more people preorder. It reduces a lot of the risk/costs involved with speeding up production if they will be making a larger number of units.


I dont really get this numbers ?
Nov 5th - in warehouse 50 headset
Nov 6th - in warehouse still 50 headsets ! after whole day production (?)

it’s look like during 2 or 3 working days Pimax produced only 15 headsets :slight_smile:


That number displays how many headsets are ready to be shipped at the end of the day. It might be that the ones produced on the 5th where already in the warehouse at the end of the day whilst on the 6th it took 1 more day for the units to arrive. But 20 units where produced on the 5th.

And they produced a total of 55 units on those 3 days. 20 + 15 + 20 = 55.


Still “cumulative production” value do not match your calculation


Thats because 20 headsets are in transit still towards the warehouse. You will see how it goes tomorrow when more data is shown. But trust me. That table is correct. Just notice how
cumulative = in warehosue+shipped+in_transit.

Where for first day in transit is 0 because they match. Whilst later on it arrives in warehouse the next day.


This is why they probably didn’t give reports, people start scrutinizing it and examining every detail. Just be patient, we will get them when we get them :laughing: The updates and reports aren’t a requirement, it’s a gesture of goodwill.


Yep, when i get my headset…hopefully shipped next week. I’m totally going to stop visiting this forum xD

But i’m super happy to see they got production back going. Although dam did it take them long…


I hope we all stop visiting the forum, we`ll be too engrossed and lost in our headsets instead :wink: Saying that, if the legibility is that good, we can visit the site in Virtual Desktop :sunglasses:


You know you’ll end up with Withdrawals. Lol


Some of us are here (myself included) mainly because we enjoy VR and want to help people out and enjoy the path that VR is going… but we are not backers! maybe in a year or 2 i will reconsider another large FOV headset, but i can’t justify the cost to the wife this year at least! as i would need to also buy controllers and BS’s as well, and here in NZ, the prices of them are pretty much the full price…even on 2nd hand ones - and they are rare to find!