Project CARS 2 + Pimax 5k+ = Good Settings



My Pimax is not there yet, but has someone already found out good settings?

My specifications: i7 8700k + 2080ti



i like that to know too,i have the same specs.

But i cant get it too run good and it looks not great at all i think…


So you do not get a fluid gaming experience? How much avg. fps ?


I have good settings for 1080ti / i7 8700k with modified ini files for distance sharpness
but this forum do not allowed me to paste xml content


Edit : zip ? 20 20 20


no zip only jpg files… i can send you my config via email


post jpg for everyone :slight_smile:


bad idea , becouse you have to manually add couple lines in graph. config


@Oege I sent you my gfx files and try PiTool 1.25 and in steam video res. 30~40 %
and modify this file : graphicsconfigopenvrdx11.xml in User/ Documents / Project Cars 2 dir

    <prop name="Name" data="" />
    <prop name="Build" data="1108" />
    <prop name="Version" version="2" />
    <prop name="Mode" adapter="0" width="2560" height="1440" refresh_num="59997" refresh_dem="1000" />
    <prop name="Vsync" vsync="0" />
    <prop name="FrameLatency" framelatency="2" />
    <prop name="AntiAlias" antialias="2" />
    <prop name="SMAAFXAA" smaafxaa="0" />
    <prop name="Windowed" windowed="1" />
    <prop name="TextureFilter" texturefilter="5" />
    <prop name="TextureResolution" textureresolution="2" />
    <prop name="Brightness" brightness="10" />
    <prop name="CarDetailLevel" cardetaillevel="2" />
    <prop name="TrackDetailLevel" trackdetaillevel="2" />
    <prop name="ShadowDetailLevel" shadowdetaillevel="0" />
    <prop name="MotionblurLevel" motionblurLevel="0" />
    <prop name="EffectsDetailLevel" effectsdetaillevel="2" />
    <prop name="EnvmapDetailLevel" envmapdetaillevel="2" />
    <prop name="MirrorEnabled" mirrorenabled="1" />
    <prop name="MirrorEnhanced" mirrorenhanced="0" />
    <prop name="EnvmapReflectionDetailLevel" envmapreflectiondetaillevel="2" />
    <prop name="GraphicsLevel" graphicslevel="4" />
    <prop name="SuperSampling" supersampling="0" />
    <prop name="LowSuperSampling" lowsupersampling="0" />
    <prop name="VRSuperSampling" vrsupersampling="0" />
    <prop name="SharpeningStrength" sharpeningstrength="0.900000" />
    <prop name="SharpeningClamp" sharpeningclamp="0.090000" />
    <prop name="OffsetBias" offsetbias="1.000000" />


Use pastebin…



How much fps do you have with these settings?


75~80 fps… 90 when go down with SS but prefer like this and less aliasing


Thank you my friend ! I hope my Pimax is coming soon.


Now testing Pitool 0.75 and Steam Vr 90 % (Brand Hatch track) and have between 75~82 fps, so ppl with RTX 2080ti OC should achive solid 90 fps with my “pastebin” config ( steamvr show resolution 2741x2341

Edit : tested PT 1.25 and SS 34% and PT 0.75 and SS 90 % , resolutions given is steam vr app is the same( I wrote above) , performance and perceived screen quality about the same . Conclusion , we can mixed that as we like at least in PC 2


but thats not the actual version of pitool or? read about an driver who changed a lot in perfomance and it wasn’t 0,75. somewhat in the 90es i guess


0.75 is a set value and not the pitool version no. !


lol okay i see… misunderstand it.


how is it so far? i got project cars 2 in an monthly humble bundle and cant wait to test it for my own. I don’t have this monster of an pc but still belive it will work :smiley:


what gfx card do you have ?