Proper way to setup nolo



Hello! In changelog for 129 beta i see nolo improvements. And i read that 121 is works good with pimax 4k. But i can’t setup it properly. Pimax is working, but when i connect nolo to USB pimax 4k is shut down instanly. I try on 129 and 121 with nolo home 1.11.13. Firmware not upgraded because nolo home can’t see base station via usb. Somebody write please a proper instruction how to setup step-by-step nolo with pimax 4k.
I need step sequence only with concrete software versions. I know how to install and download :).

Pimax team write please what version of nolo home and nolo firmware(latest ot not) you use when test pitool 129? Did you upgade firmware throught nolo home? Do you run pitool and nolo home simultaneously? Did you test 129 with Pimax 4k and nolo?