Proximity sensor


If eye tracking fails. It does not work for its purpose too. And really it won’t destroy the hmd and you can still put it to sleep with a button.


Eye tracking could be used. However it is an optional feature.


I used the Nvidia fan speed incident just as an example as to why a hardware solution is preferable to software. If Pimax doesn’t get the software right or someone makes a change to PiTool that affects the algorithm used to detect whether the HMD is being worn or not, it could very easily leave the headset on and active for hours/days at a time. Even other software running on your computer could inadvertently conflict with whatever method Pimax would use to turn the headset off after a set time. All the while the backlight’s effective half life time is being used up for no reason.


I’m actually quite suprised I hadn’t noticed the omission of the sensor on my 5K+ as it was clearly shown in the reviews by the three musketeers.

In my experience so far there is no way around actually turning off the HMD after use in the first place because if you don’t, the giant blue chevron remains lit, and as much as I like it, it’s not exactly subtle.

So for me this omission is a non-issue but I do understand why others might be bothered by it.


A sensor can go bad too.

If You want “foolproof” use the button… :wink:

I just don’t see the big deal… It’s not like the headsets blows up if the panel doesn’t turn off.

We’ll probably be long done using these headsets before there’s any noticeable wear on the panels anyway.


Wow. Release the final version and put it out to reviewers to sell to the world.
Change the design, remove features, start selling to the world and start sending out units which are obviously different to those reviewed and obviously people are going to notice…but don’t mention it.
Wait for people to point out the missing features and then reply with ‘don’t worry we will give you a satisfactory explanation…some other time’.
The only satisfactory explanation comes before you send and sell these units to anyone. There can be no satisfactory explanation for not discussing it first.
I wonder how many features went by the wayside. I note the hmds have blue plastic chevrons over a light and not the rgb strip they said it would have. I couldn’t care less about a rgb strip I can’t even see when using it, but I worry how many features disappeared with no discussion. And how easy the discussion could have been: ‘do you want us to just crack on and produce and deliver or do you want to wait whilst we sort out production and assembly of rgb strips?’ It was a safe prediction the majority would have said stuff the rgb send me my hmd.


An LCD panel that’s being over driven, runs hot or uses components with a low expected half life rating can lose a noticeable amount of brightness in a surprisingly short amount of time. Especially if it remains lit even when not being used.

I have more money wrapped up in my Kickstarter pledge than I’ve ever spent on any single piece of computer hardware in my life. And I’m a computer junkie from the earliest Commodore PET/Amiga/Atari days. I originally pledged for the 8K full package + extras due to the promise of nearly non-existent SDE, wide FOV and unparalleled clarity. The 8K delivers on the FOV and SDE, but the panels being used and/or the upscaler in the HMD don’t appear to cut it it in the clarity department. So already I now have to choose between the improved SDE of the 8K and overall clarity of the 5k+. Not at all what I was expecting when I made my pledge. Now Pimax is eliminating what I consider to be a fairly important feature after all the reviews have already been published, which is a completely BS move on their part. And as I don’t have a Rift, I am going to have to wait until Pimax delivers me base stations and controllers to even use the headset. Whatever year that ends up being in.

I am rapidly starting to not care one bit about a headset that I previously was extremely excited to be one of the first proud owners of. Nearly all of the issues experienced by backers up to this point can be laid directly at the feet of Pimax and the unbelievably amateurish way they conduct business.


I think the fact they just chose to remove the feature for whatever reason without even mentioning it, after the full reviews of the so called finalised design clearly showing the sensor is very disappointing.


@Matthew.Xu is there any conclusion to this topic?


Dear all,

I already asked product manager and RD team about why the proximity sensor was removed. There are two reasons for the removal of the proximity sensor.

  1. Appearance issue, which will lead to the fold and deformation of the cloth. We are worried that it will have an impact. So we decided to remove it;
  2. We retain this basic feature in software, when the gyroscope is stationary, the screen will be turned off. It implements the same way as proximity sensor. It’s still available.

Thank you


That is a neat alternative really. I guess the gyroscope is millimeter sensitive?

@SweViver have you noticed the screens turning off when left on a desk?


You don’t want it to be too sensitive in this particular case. You don’t want the headset to turn on inadvertantly, if it’s used in an area with lots of vibration (like a home near a train track). Someone made a point that the proximity sensor is better for this situation. (Fewer false positives.)


The alternative argument is that you want it to be sensitive enough that it won’t turn off during low movement activites (ie watching a movie).


Why not just make the sensitivity adjustable in PiTool? There, I fixed it… :wink:


Just breathing makes you move more than 1mm :smiley:


Simple solution. Just hold your breath until the movie is over :laughing:


Software is not an ‘on par’ replacement in any way, shape or form.
We are still faced with them making changes to the headset after the ‘final product’ was sent out for review. Changes which detract from the use. Changes which are obviously saving money. Changes to things which weren’t asked for by testers. Changes they didn’t tell us about.


It is hardware based still…They just decided to use the gyroscope instead of the proximity sensor.
I think you will be fine with this change…


Backers were complaining about disabling it. As said the headset shuts off due to steam with inactivity.

The Burnin? Well your in luck @SweViver had his on for a long time with no burnin. & it’s not Oled; lcd is apparently has little concern with burnin as many posted here long ago many articles on it.


My screen blanks within 5 or 10m of inactivity.