Psmove service + Leap Motion


Spent all weekend trying to get this to work and finally did, so thought I’d share this.

With Driver4VR it is now possible to use psmove controllers (and most importantly, their gyros) with Leap. In the past Leap + bluetooth control was a bit too shakey and prone to losing tracking, but now using the psmove gyros, it feels a lot more accurate. It gives a much better experience. I feel like I am now 2/3 of the way there as far as a real VR setup goes (though to be honest after all this I now wish I’d just bought a vive).

You still have the problem of not having enough buttons. But you can attach a mini bluetooth controller to your psmove and there you have it. I use a navi + psmove for L, and bluetooth controller + psmove for R.

I will try to record something to prove how much of an improvement it is at a later time. I recommend it for anyone with patience (Driver4VR is getting pretty complex) and a Leap Motion.


Hi !!
So i m glad tout read jour post, as i would like to make something similar ! Waiting for your next post…
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Cheers Fred.

Unfortunately I think I spoke too soon. Just tried to make a video but the controller drift was too great, accuracy was too low, I think it needed recalibrating. Unfortunately that means that I can’t yet recommend it over just a Leap + bluetooth controller, if it means it has to be set up and recalibrated every time. Leap + bluetooth just works. At least we know it works, even if it is a pain.

Leap + bluetooth seems to work better than before now too, but that could just be placebo.
I made this just so you get an idea. It does work, better than it looks there. First time I have uploaded a video so it’s a pretty poor effort. You may notice I can’t duck to get the tablet, but that can be fixed with advancedsettings, to make a crouch button.