Question about 8k IPD support


Hi - quick question - My IPD is 60mm. Is that within the range for the 8k headset. I could not find any specs anywhere that show the supported range

thanks in advance

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That’s only slightly less than average. Are there even IPD adjustable headsets that don’t support 60? That would be a pretty bad product.


Hello, I am wondering :

What’s the best way to mesure my IPD ?

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Hi Clem,
Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Stand in front of a mirror. Face it head on, keep your head steady throughout, staring straight ahead, and hold a ruler in front of your face.

Close the other eye, and move the ruler so that the 0 is under the pupil of the open one.

Switch eye, and read the IPD below the pupil.


As it happens … yes!! - the Samsung Odyssey is 60.5 – which is one of the reasons I took it back for a refund. it was just that little bit over where it made everything ever so slightly off-kilter for me.


Hey Clem, I had my optometrist do it for me. it took less than a minute and they were happy to do it.


Just take a ruler and give it to a friend. Try to look at some point in the distance. Let the friend measure the distance between the center of your eyes. Try to still focus the same (on the distance point) even when you can’t see it (because of the ruler and friend in between ;D )

That totally works fine enough, you don’t need a super exact measurement…