Question about swap to Index Controllers



I heard that I can swap my controller option to Index Controllers with extra credits.

I really want to do that. Pimax Sword would be very good but it would take so long time Maybe I can buy it after its released.

The problem is that I’m living in S.Korea. I wonder why Valve doesn’t sell for customer who live in S.Korea. But it is. I heard that Valve Index controller will be sent to backer by Vavle after Pimax request to Valve. But As live in s.Korea myself, Can I get these controllers?

If it’s not possible, Maybe I should wait Pimax Sword Sense and order Valve index by U.S -Korea order and delivery service.


If I understand Pimax correctly, they will buy the Index controller themselves and send it to you. This is probably why it costs so much ($179) and also why it will take such long time (they said 6 weeks once you switch). Still it should be much sooner than Sword. But someone from Pimax would need to confirm if this is indeed so (this week they have holidays in China).


I was under the impression from the livestream that Valve will actually ship the items, but I could be wrong.

As usual, it would be good for Pimax to make a clear confirmation of the process to avoid confusion :wink:


I’m pretty sure @PimaxUSA said they will ship from Florida where the N.A. office is as far as I understand… :wink:


I interpreted that as implying that they come directly from Valve, but you could be right, too.


Yeah, will have to recheck but I remember Kevin saying there’s a 6 week lead time if you choose the Index upgrade, and after that point, Valve will ship the order to you


I just remembered it as a response to the question of shipping to countries where Valve don’t ship… :wink:

I.e. Pimax will ship wherever You want.

Might be wrong though… :wink:


oi, everything from pimax is open for interpretation thats the problem underlying everything.

I would be pissed as hell if i gave up swords and had to wait until may 2020 for valve to ship to my country.


So, I’m not sure what should I do. I’m very tired of Vive controllers for now. Many games I stop to play because of it. I really want to use Knuckle controller type controllers. If Pimax says I cannot have Index controllers instead in my country. I want it be sure as soon as possible. otherwise I will waste about 2 months.


That must be hugely frustrating, I quickly hated the WMR controllers and their total instability. This isn’t going to help, sorry, but my Index controllers arrived today, and the quality is very good and working without any problems in everything I have tested. So getting your hands on a set is the trick.

Just posted here:

The only thing I can suggest - and this will partly depend on Valve - is that maybe in future, US sites like Big Apple Buddy may stock Valve kit. They ship to 100+ countries, and I checked and it includes South Korea. This was an option for European buyers who wanted a Samsung Odyssey. The only problem is that unlike other VR manufacturers, Valve don’t currently distribute via 3rd parties (unless of course Pimax can, literally and figuratively, deliver).

Maybe Valve will go the 3rd party route? Maybe if enough buyers contact Big Apple Buddy or similar, they might consider it worthwhile to make a bulk purchase if Valve allow it?


There are korean order and delivery services in USA. I can order it with pay extra money. Ordering index controllers is not the big problem. But If the swapping option is possible in my country, I want to do that. I am very regret that I passed ordering Index controllers. The time I wait for the sword controllers, I want it has any meaning of it. I want it to be sure that I can have it in my country as fast as it can.


Sure, given the large markup Pimax will add to upgrade to Index controllers, I guess you should check which option is cheaper and faster?

I have to decide what to do with the deposit. The 8K-X is tempting, but I’m not convinced yet. Otherwise I have to assume Pimax will hang on to the money until I buy something else.


Finally, i decided to buy Index Controllers myself. I used purchase and delivery service to buy it. they charge additional service fee. But I think worth it.

Why I decide to buy myself, it’s because Pimax Sword sense would be much expensive than I paid in kickstarter campaign. I can test both device by myself, I can choose one of them, I can sell or keep another one after I choose. I already wait too long time. Just adding some extra money to buy index controllers, I think it is not worth enough.


damn, I failed to buy the controllers. Valve doesn’t send to service center… Now Pimax service option is my last hope.


Oh, sorry :frowning:

@SweViver who will ship the Valve kit to customers as part of the upgrade - Valve or Pimax? What are the options for customers in countries that Valve don’t directly ship to, like South Korea?