Question: is the M1 probably the retail unit?



You previously made a comment that M1 will NOT be the production/retail unit.

Yet, in your recent weekly update, you stated that if testers give the green light, production of M1 will ramp up for delivery to backers.

If the green light is given, will the M1 hardware become the retail model?

Let me be plain with my concern… As a backer, I am not interested in receiving a prototype unit. I expect the same hardware that will be shipped to retail customers.

I expect others are also a bit confused by the, no doubt unintentional, conflict in statements

Can you please clarify? Thank you!


I am not sure I can follow. The prototypes were the Vn devices. The M1 is a first mass production try-out.

So, let us assume a scenario: they assemble the M1, do their internal testing, and are satisfied. Then ship it to the beta testers, who also are satisfied. Then they decide to make that the blueprint for all production units.

Please explain the issue you have in that case.

I think we have many real concerns already, I could do without adding artificial ones…


If you have ever bought a gaming console or even just pc componets.

Retail units have improvements implemented over time.

Ie Sony Playstation 3 had a variety of console revisions. Some had extra hardware for ps2 compatability, some had software ps2 emulation & some had none. Now I am refering to the ps3 thick.

Later drastic changes resulted in the ps3 slim.

Now for the 5k/8k headset. While it will be very close to the consumer release; you need to keep in mind based on community feedback there will likely be tweaks implemented in the frame & possibly minor changes in componets. As a backer we will recieve a Backer v1.0 rev0 headset. The Consumer retail will likely look like v1.0 rev1.

Motherboards/gpu/cpu all go through revisions & depending on when you buy in will influence what revision you receive.

Personally i hope the team makes the backer model have some uniqueness to identify it for collectable nostalgia & backer pride. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


The backers made this possible. I hope we get the good version.


I think @Heliosurge is referring to the fact that in all cases improvements were made over time ,what will be sent to us is the best that can be done now incl any or all small improvements ,
once released if any major improvements found stack up once manufacturing starts will call for a new version ,but this normally only happens once original costs are absorbed or sales drop but the market is still there ,
so later there may be a better version and is most likely as new solutions are found so consumer version we get may change 6-9-12 months later .
we are just luck we are getting 200 fov as they could have started at 150 and just upped it each year
If we keep waiting we could have something that could have no more improvements made any were but these solutions may not even be realized yet :sleeping:


No one knows yet. case closed.


someone must know they just aint telling


If the testers give it a thumbs up it will be the retail version if not they will try and fix the issue. By the looks of things pimax are hoping that all issues found will be fixed by software tweaks


I don’t wanna have a prototype neither, but I’d appreciate some sort of difference that make the backer headsets some kind of unique (and no, I’m not talking about different package). Maybe they change some color or the type of light band.

As long as PimaxVR delivers on their Kickstarter claims IMHO it’s OK to improve any other version whenever they want. We need progress in VR, swiftly and continuously.


Oh guys, I just received the update from Pimax - they are going to ship the M1 to the testers this month !!
Oh happy day… :sunglasses:

This means that they themselves are at least happy (enough) with what they achieved, because they clearly had issues which led to the delays. So in any case the good news is, that something is happening, they have reached a kind of milestone. We obviously cannot rule out the possibility that they simply crumbled under the pressure of the backers (and possibly investors) to release the M1 no matter how well or bad it performs, but let’s not get lost in doom thinking as long as there is no clear indication that that is to be expected.


Check Emails Kickstarter update. Has some very nice promising news. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Agreed. The schedule is appropriately detailed and reasonable. I can fully get behind this plan.