Question on warranty

Question on warranty (Pimax 8К/5К+).

  1. The warranty period is 1 year?
  2. Is the warranty determined by the serial number?
  3. What day can be considered the warranty start date? (date received headset?)
  4. If I sell my 8K, is the warranty valid for the buyer?

I just want to sell my 8K, and I will need to somehow explain to the buyer about the guarantee.

ps: I want to buy 8K + or 8KX, so I put my 8K up for sale :sunglasses::moneybag:

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Hi Andrew,

Please check my reply below:

  1. Yes, the warranty period is 1 year.
  2. The warranty period is base on SN and backer/order number.
  3. After received the headset.
  4. It is still supported this year and will not be supported from next year.

Thank you very much.


@Matthew.Xu, Hi, thank you for helping me a lot.:beers:

By the way, can you talk about the warranty periods for 8K + and 8KX?
Or at least hint: will the warranty period be longer or the same as the current 8K / 5K +? :grinning:

Youβ€˜re welcome. I think the warranty period as the same as the current. Thank you.

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Well, the question, I think, is settled. The topic can be closed. Thank :beer:

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