Question: Samsung Odyssey Vs Pimax (screen door effect)


Is there anyone who has the
Samsung Odyssey or Odyssey + ?
If so, can You please tell me something
about the SDE?
I mean if is more or less noticeable
comparing it to the 5k+ or the 8k.
Thanks in advance. :wink:


I just bought an almost new Odyssey last week, from a guy who’s gonna buy the Odyssey+. I also have the 4K.
In the 4K, SDE is barely noticeable. In the Odyssey, it’s fairly easily noticeable but most (if not all) text is readable. Also tried the test environment in SteamVR. FOV is about 110 horizontal (for me) and I could read the eye test letters from further away than the indication for Vive and Rift. The best thing about the Odyssey for me is the AMOLED panel (FAAAR more bright and vived colours and great blacks, also no ghosting) and it’s also more comfortable on the head with the halo (PSVR) style headstrap, and the AKG headphones are great (but the Pimax 4K headphones are pretty good too, kinda bass heavy but I like).

I don’t have a 5K or 8K, I might buy when it’s easily available with controllers etc, but for now I’ll wait since I bought the Odyssey. Most people say those are almost the same as the 4K, with the 4K slightly better (you really have to look closely in high contrast scenes to see SDE in the 4K).