Question: Was the Kickstarter prototype a huge fraud?


I replied to that “144Hz” thing in other thread already…curious you was reading it, but not being there at the same time :smiley:


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It does the opposite. It keeps the distinction between Refresh rate, Response time and Input lag.
Ohh and I didn’t link it for physical implementations of LCD tech. It was because you kept misusing terminology.
The algorithmic part is an extremely small portion of the article. Or do you automatically assume that everything with maths is suddenly software implemented algorithms?

And the 60Hz part… sigh. I can also do that game. Because the majority of humanity is Asian no other ethnicity exists.


SIMPLE FACT IS: Every serious VR project is moving to OLED display tech…

SURPRISE ! Keep wonder why…


SIMPLE FACT IS: @Lillo can’t cite sources

SURPRISE ! Keep wonder why…


I still don’t understand why people expect top tier VR work from Pimax. It’s a bit of a hack company now trying to do the same trick as they did with the 4K. It’s the budget option in VR for somewhat advanced specs like ppi and fov.


I will not because people don’t read linked material, if they don’t even take time to read what is posted in a thread…makes no difference, just a waste of time…

Serious people who want to know, do research when something catch their attention, others just go here and there to read all the mumbo-jumbo.

And better of all…your reply was just unable to make a valid, consistent response to my simple question.


My initial reaction is that it would be the worst solution, but that more points to the fact that we see the problem differently, have different priorities , and therefore have different solutions, and i think this broadly mirrors the community as a whole.

To me, solving the problem by reducing the functionality of the product is the least optimal solution, because i’m happy to exchange the time needed to fix it for maintaining the max fov.

Reducing the fov is solving the problem in the shortest possible time at the cost of the specs of the product, which is a trade you (and others with similar opinions) are willing to make here and which i would add is a totally valid opinion in the set of possibly valid opinions. And one on which i might fall on a different side in other places. Like if they said they wanted to delay a year to get to 90 hz and had a backer vote i would vote to ship.

It is only by grace of luck that pimax went with a philosophy of trying to maximise the quality of the product in this case, that aligns with my personal opinion. I would speculate that if they had not gotten that 15 mil in investor funding , you would probably be holding the headset in your hands right now and i would be complaining bitterly about them taking the shortest possible route and compromising the fov, because i am buying it for that fov first and foremost.


Serious people do research all the time, and provide access to that information to the rest to verify and criticize.
Unserious people do reasearch to confirm their own bias and only find the info that are convenient for their world view and ignore the rest.

It was a question based on a false presumption, if you make a claim like that you need to post a source.


Surprise WMR is a major vr platform & only one is oled. :coffee::wink::+1::sparkles:


Maybe he’s specsreader’s cousun. :wink::joy:


Sure…it is a presumption that any VR in research is going to use OLEDS of 120Hz MINIMUM (even if that technology could reach 1000Hz with no problem…but again…I already talked about it in other thread), and not LCD’s…

It’s just in my fantasy…ok.

No need to say more… xD


Haha forgot about him. I kinda miss him. He could read a document and get a full 360 change of information compared to the rest of the community, a valuable skill in today’s social bubble society.


Stupidest response ever…everyone knows WMR is a cheap mass market oriented, and is the first iteration of that.

It is funny how you keep ignoring so many points while replying, and trying to divert the talk’s attention to minor things, avoiding responding to the FACTS.


Could you please back your statement LCD=60HZ max with a real reference and clear explanation for us simple layman. the acknowledge max rate for the 8K pimax is 80HZ according to you this is not real also? If so then 60Hz will be insufficient for VR sickness and this major flaw in the pimax concept.

Even Einstein had pear review, all your previous post failed to explain your point…


You keep ignoring to actually provide facts.
Opinions ≠ Facts
Presumptions ≠ Facts

Edit: Ohh and the one making the claim is the one who are supposed to provide evidence


Why ? you’re not intelligent enough to find it ?.. I seriously doubt it…you just want to keep this useless shit talk like a teenager wanting to validate his point.

And since I already did it in multiple other thread here, replying to the same stupidity like this, will not repeat it again, no need to prove anything here…just saying what I know, as I worked with these things, even repairing it, for nearly 20 years.


Ahh so now you resort to attacking my character. Soon you have checked of the entire list of what you should not do when you are arguing.
And I’m not trying to validate my point (more than that you are somewhat lacking in your skill as a debater and don’t understand the principle of science). I’m trying to get you to provide info about yours so I can see if it have valid backing because then I would learn something new.

You know that this would end if you could provide information, but as you keep refusing to do that it seems like you really don’t want it to end, why that is I don’t know.


Have fun finding it in the forum…


Okay, then I write it off as non-existing and put you on my troll/conspiracy theorist list.