Question: Was the Kickstarter prototype a huge fraud?


Great…it only showed us your true colors.

At least someone here is not afraid to say what for him looks like truth, and knowing that not all resonate to it, even if you provide substance…it’s still okay, it’s how things goes in this world…but you know, a wise teacher once said “When the wise pointed to the Moon and said “Look !..” The fool looked at his finger instead”.


Your right Microsoft has no more impact then Workbench OS. Lol

Microsoft is a major player that is also pushing vr into the mainstream. Please catch up.


I am slightly late to the party, but…

I think I am a bit of an ‘SJW’ myself, but we just call ourselves lefties where I am from.
And I think any self-respecting SJW would be as annoyed at you are at Pimax for what really is a consumer rights matter.

Anyway. That is all.


Oh, cool, another thread using the buzz word fraud (a.k.a. scam, cheat).

Sorry guys, but I will just say TL;DR as the title seems to offer this thread as a kind of forum toilet for everybody to … let’s say, lay their egg.

If something interesting, new is mentioned here, perhaps somebody could take that out of this thread and start one on that specific topic then which then actually makes for an interesting read?

Thanks in advance !


I have searched the forum for your posts which include either “LCD” or “refresh” or “whitepaper” and did not find any links to any whitepapers. Maybe I am searching it wrong, or the search on the forum sucks, but it is difficult to understand your point without the evidence.


I think you must be referring to this thread and specific post: Brainwarp questions for Pimax

Interesting thing is that the only links to articles that are posted there totally contradict everything you said here…

That is why you didn’t want to link because you knew you were full of BS.


Well, thats your problem not mine.
I could not care less…


But this product is not just about you, it’s about all of the backers. Don’t you agree they should have at least checked with us if we wanted to wait 9 months more to get to 200 degrees FoV without distortion instead of 180 degrees without distortion?


Just like you who googled an extremely deep subject, and replied after 3 minutes “found nothing…” of course mate… xD


Then you haven’t got a clear understanding of it, I can’t care less…

The market is going to move to 100% OLED’s in a matter of months, and the until now kept hidden real performance of it that I was talking about is coming to the masses, so I can’t be happier…

LCD’s will be all in the trashbin before two years…makes no difference how many mumbo-jumbo they try to spin to you to try selling you more until the last minute…

Sheeps will always stay sheeps, until one maybe realizes to get out of the herd mentality and questions EVERYTHING.


… and none of you will convince me the earth isn’t flat!

Sorry as this threat has degenerated so far, had to get my snark in.


I could say the same about someone…

Just wait and see…I will be glad to point it when it will become reality.


The threat achieved its goal. The opportunity for people to vent and for others to snipe them from the moral high ground. Win/Win.

Kickstarters are only for people who feel like they’re helping to make something come true they care about or for those who enjoy emotional rollercoasters. Otherwise there is little upside for the risk you’re taking. Better price and/or much earlier access than retail? Probably not.

But that is part of the deal.


You have so much “knowledge”, yet you fail to produce any kind of proof, every single time for all of your baseless claims. You did miss this development it seems:

"recent advancements in LCD technology combined with VR-specific calibration “now make it a viable technology choice for high end VR systems.”

“Fast-switching liquid crystals, low persistence backlights, and high PPI displays” of the latest LCD panels are, according to Valve, “well matched” to high-end VR


Lillo is just a Troll on a FUD campaign, basically making BS claims about LCD tech. Color transitions times in LCD tech? This guy? LMAO!

Don’t feed the Troll.


Since you think you know so much. Then explain how 3 lcd models can have for sake of argument a refresh of 60hz; yet each monitor has a different response time. Ie 5ms, 2ms & 4ms.


& lets add insult to injury. I have an old hp monitor with a refresh of 60hz but a response of was it 24ms? (Yes its old 16:10 1980*1200 with all the inputs save hdmi & dp)


Valve claims…trust it…



No, we should trust a guy with a muppet avator who makes all kinds of baseless claims, refuses to quote ANY source at all and then simply says ‘google it’. LOL


Go read the other thread again…I’m fed up with your spinning of any talk, replying even in a way that has nothing to do with the original matter.

Now I get why @MarcoBalletta was so mad about some people here…


Are you sure? What about qled.

Or the prediction that 16:9 was going to be tossed for 21:9.