Question: Was the Kickstarter prototype a huge fraud?


Unfortunately…Valve still is using OLED’s , and used it TWICE in their products…


Sure i’m all for polls. But your post was not about polls, it was ‘FoV is slightly lower but if that saves us 9 months wouldn’t that have been the best solution?’ You think they should have gone one way, i think another. But when i laid that out you flip it to ’ its not just about you.’ Surely you understand that by an equal measure i could have responded to ‘FoV is slightly lower but if that saves us 9 months wouldn’t that have been the best solution?’ with its not just about you, right? You understand that that would have been disingenuous if done to you right? Do you understand why i didn’t do it?

I literally made a post where for the bulk of it i talk about my opinion differing from yours but yours being an equally valid opinion that i can understand the root of, that i would even share on other aspects and how it was just luck that pimax ended up going with the thing i agreed with, and your take away from that post about validating the opinions i disagree with is ‘its not just about you’.

Between this and expanding the definition of social justice warrior to technically cover any opinion defending any decision by any other person or group i am beginning to get the sense of you as being someone who gets into a lot of internet debates, and who has by necessity developed an argumentative toolkit for winning arguments.

Consider, had you just typed

‘Don’t you agree they should have at least checked with us if we wanted to wait 9 months more to get to 200 degrees FoV without distortion instead of 180 degrees without distortion?’

or even lead with.

‘I can see where you are coming from, but its based on a patience not all backers would have or can afford, Don’t you agree they should have at least checked with us if we wanted to wait 9 months more to get to 200 degrees FoV without distortion instead of 180 degrees without distortion?’

It would have been a concession of a reasonable post which was designed to find a space of mutual respect and the existence of a range of valid opinions. I could have responded with just, ’ absolutely.’

But you didn’t. I want you to think about why.

As someone who spent like 5 years of free time in atheist internet debates in the early 2000’s i am here to tell you that you it is not worth it. You are fighting in Valhalla, not here, this shit is beyond meaningless, but wherever else you are arguing where you honed these skills . At the end of the day, everyone will get back up. And they will fight again tomorrow. No one will change their mind.

Folks. I gotta love you and leave you. God speed to pimax, i look forward to getting my headset whenever.


How true. A vr vest originally sold for was it $600 on ks & now goes for $300.


JDI will present their LCD 3.25" 1,001 ppi 2160x2432 panels at 120 Hz, with maximum latency of 2.2 ms,


Haha I can surely relate to that, I gave up discussing with religious people years ago for those reasons. It’s the same with politics by the way, NO WAY that ANYONE in a politic discussion will ever change his mind/views. And I guess it’s the same here. Oh well …


Yeah that’s a lie according to @Lillo, just as Valve is lying and all those other companies. Lillo has proof, but he won’t post it, just google it man :wink:


I will be glad if this will come true…but until now it is pure speculation, and experimental OLED’s already showed MICROSECONDS latency time in lab tests at Philips/LG.

While JDI still haven’t published any white papers of presented that supposed better LCD tech yet…


Valve has no vr headsets made. It is those who partner up that made headsets with Valve"s help.

Anyone who purchase’s a valve headset dev kit can build with lcd or oled.


No spin. Just lack of understanding tech. My 10 year 24" lcd monitor with 24ms response at 60hz demonstrates how little you do know.

Newer monitors range as low as 1ms to what is it 5 or 6ms. Now typically most lcds range 4ms to 6ms some at 2ms at 60hz.

Now unless your gping to launch a campaign suing all lcd mfgrs; then your myth has been busted.

New theme for mythbusters episode “Lilo Debunked” :joy: ignore the truth Mulder.


They have already announced the presentation next week at Display Week 2018.


Hey Cdaked probably a lost cause as this must be Specsreader’s padawan. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Facts are lost on him.


What I’m wondering is if any of those three companies would already have bridge chips ready for production and able to work well on the Pimax 8K.


LCDs will be made as long as there is a limited supply of OLED. Most people that really know things have the ability to teach them without a white paper before them. Are you sure you understood what these alleged white papers said, or even if they were white papers?
Nobody is going to shut down an LCD factory any time soon.




My understanding of brainwarping is that it is a form or motion interpolation. It’s a hardware hack. And it was present on the 4k model. Or at least the BE model. I can attest that something was happening on the BE model because my GPU was only capable of HDMI at 60hz and yet I would get dizzy on a Samsung Odyssey at that hz rate while I didn’t on the BE.



When you change the product, not only does that part need to be changed, but the part of the complete unit that holds the part, then the assembly line unit that holds that part in place so another unit can work on it, etc. Any delay at any one of those stations delays the whole thing. Often these tasks are sequential, you have to wait to see what the new part looks like before you can make the unit that holds it in place or the unit that works on it. Then you might need a new component in your assembly unit.

That does not even count a makeready, and how easy it is to turn that into a make waste.

BTW, when you wonder why CEOs can make 400 times what the average worker makes, the skill of comprehending all of that and R&D and Sales and Marketing and Customer Support and Logistics and Supply Chains and Financing … sometimes makes them worth it. … Sometimes … but I doubt that often … or much more than that (social justice maa’an!)


I once saw a $18 million line get held up for a week for a unique part that broke on a $3 million line upstream that had to be machine in house. Then the only CNC machine that could do it broke, and we waited on a part for that. On these particular lines, $30 million of equipment from start to finish each line (dozens of lines) a few hours delay could cost tens of thousands in revenue. Mistakes could cost the same in waste if some error wasn’t caught. A makeready for a slightly different new product could take a couple of days without errors, and initial startup always had hours of waste in materials.
Every change requires an adaptation elsewhere. There may be a supplier’s line that has to change something so the part they ship is to spec, to match the new lenses.

When Pimax is describing a “Manufacturing 1” unit they are telling me that this is one of the first units that makes it past the makeready. All the parts from the suppliers have been approved. And That an “M1” came off of the production line with all the changes. The makeready was successful (or else it’s not an "manufacturing " line unit) and the startup made enough units that are not waste (There is Always waste in the startup) and they’ve finally, skillfully dialed it in to make product good enough to ship. Then they’ll stop the line … read STOP THE LINE for our Trusted Early Adopters to try out … INSPECT … the very first product that comes off of that line. If they give the go ahead they will unpause the line and make the M1 units for the Backers, most likely very quickly.

I’ve seen this in tool making, heavy machinery, food processing, automotive parts, printing, packaging, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few, Just so it’s understood, software companies don’t have to deal with that kind of crap and loss and risk. Most people today in the US never step into a production environment and think that software creators are geniuses because it’s so easy to make so much money, but get angry when corporate officers make great bank for what they do.