Question: Was the Kickstarter prototype a huge fraud?


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If I knew this thread was so exciting I would have bought some popcorn before reading this.



I see here massive offtopics like 70 % of posts + 20 % of posts are " personal trips"


At least @denali tried to make some effort to really understand the concept, go ehead and keep going in that direction.

For the others, start here, then follow where it leads you:


Good thing the rest of us were talking monitors & not TVs.

Plasma had Motion blur was it 600hz?


It’s the same technology, spinoff kiddo…

Plasma failed because totally other reasons, primarily pixel life and power consumpion not possible to get in line with current energy saving protocols, but it was even better than current display tech regarding performance.

Motion blur is explained in that article , even if it was not exactly what I was pointing to…you only show not to read anything, just reply with bullshit and spinning things, like Marco said…

Keep doing the moderator only…it works better for you than the tech talk.


No not quite tvs often use cheap lcd panels vs good to proffessional displays & is why bigscreens are often cheaper.

Now this article i didn’t find a publish date so it probably doesn’t cover newer lcd advances.


Plasma failed due to the tech brcoming obsolete & lcd proving it could match to exceed plasma.



You just shoot the gun in your own pants dude…

Keep doing the moderator only…suits you better…


Your better off playing with stitch since you demonstrated low tech knowledge.

You ignore facts like @Cdaked posted about new lcd displays demoing i believe at the next display tech event with Google/LG’s reveal of their 18m pixel displays. But the Farce is strong in you. Lol


LG/Google tech is O-L-E-D…

Keep spinning bullshit at your own pace…

That’s enough for me…from now on I will answer only to clever and well formulated comments or questions, too many people here mix any terminology, news, without in fact knowing nothing of it …just repeating ads and sponsored news like parrots.


No, they are also demoing LCD. You’re making yourself look pretty silly.


too bad this isn’t like reddit where we could up or down vote comments, there are some pretty arrogant and/or stupid things/comments being thrown around.


Jdi lcd is lcd. No spin just braindead muppet.

Maybe consider Fonzy Bear or Gonzo for your avatar. Lol


Now can you provide a link on CLPL didplays?

Custom Low Persistance Liquid displays? Since this is the tech specs & display type that needs to be tested. Its new & reported to break rules & be on par with… You guessed it OLED. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Ladies and gentlemens…the once, calm, pacated moderator Heliosurge…in his true colors.

Too bad he sometimes sounds almost dyslexic in how mix, spin and change things said…and BTW…never seen a moderator ostracizing the same company forum he moderates, and encouraging the discontent and crying attitude of some forum members (that fortunately are less than 1/10 of the total, while the other stays silent and don’t give a shit…). :smiley:

BTW 2: my avatar has a meaning, something that just like most I said, you failed to catch…

Marco was right…this forum has some funny people who love to troll themselves just because are still of an impatient kid mentality, no wonder that Xunshu or any other tech guy takes time to give you too many updates on the starus of things, maybe they know well how this would be unproductive here…


the funniest thing about this forum is to see people with the most childish and retrograde mentality, continually attacking other users saying they are childish, when in fact they do not realize they are playing this role here and with the worst behavior possible.


Still very calm; you are definitely the spinster.

Marco i do respect alot of his viewpoints. I just accept he has trouble understanding marketing.


I wonder if it’s possible for the admins here to impliment a “button” that allows users to hide the comments of specific users or block them. Quite frankly I’m fed up with seeing the feed of some users here.


I don’t think we have that possibility.

The ban hammer is in Heliosurge’s hands, he’s the only one who can ban people. But people who are so obviously trolling, not open anymore to any form of reason or normal discussion, like Lillo above, I think at one point Heliosurge should start banning. But that’s up to him.