Question: Was the Kickstarter prototype a huge fraud?


The only marketing fact here is…it’s clear that some of you I already identified, are just paid forum trolls to ruin and destabilize Pimax’s work, that’s why the information from them to the readers here is accurately choosen and calibrated.


and they brutally fights with masked Pimax collaborators :wink:

sorry I just can’t resist…lol


Lol…good one ! :+1:


Haha cheers mate. Every single VR simulator will get a fair test with the 8K :slight_smile:

Having that said, the 8K videos with each VR simulator may not be a 30 minute gameplay, but rather a shorter version with ganeplay clips, through the lens captures, wrap up of my thoughts etc etc. I guess after all nobody cares about my lap times in DiRT Rally or Project Cars 2 VR… :wink:


Oh, and after reading all 284 posts in this thread, Im getting a bit worried.

Not about Pimax team being late or so, because I truly believe we are soon gonna see some positive news.

But Im more worried about how the mood/approach has changed from the backers side the last weeks. Its quite sad and surprising to see so much people being angry and constantly throwing shit on Pimax team lately.

Dont take me wrong here boys. Im not related or associated with the team. Just like all of you, I invested money in this. I spent around 1400 bucks into this product. Im just a backer and a small YouTuber. And right now I’m waiting with patience and big hopes.

But I can somehow deep inside imagine how disappointed the team must be right now seeing their own backers totally going haywire calling the campaign some kind of fraud.

I mean, come on guys… give the Pimax team some more time. Why make all the rage all of a sudden? The team is a few days late with the latest news, but is that really the end of the world?

They are just probably late with the new lenses. Maybe they arrived today. Maybe they are assembling the units already. Or maybe they are delayed another 2 weeks. Who knows. All they probably want is to make this product as good as possible and finally released. So they can go retail at some point. In the end, they want to make money, just like the investors, so there is no reason to “hustle” backers and lie to anyone.

Seriously guys, do you WANT this to fail? Do you want this to be a rushed out half-baked and overpriced product like the Vive Pro with hilariously bad lenses, broken sound and no ASW support (still after 2 years)? I dont pay for that crap.

We have NOTHING on the horizon even coming close to the specs of the Pimax 8K. This is not just another Vive/Rift clone. This is supposed to be kind of a breakthrough in VR technology. The thing I tested back at VR Days was mind blowing. Call me a liar, I dont care. I saw what I saw. Whoever that doesn’t agree have probably his/her own personal reasons to deny the fact we have something really big coming up and releasing soon.

But whenever it will be in June or December, doesnt really matter as Im personally 99% sure its still gonna be the best headset available.

Keep up the good work Pimax team, you have my full confidence. Meanwhile, I keep calm and enjoy the sunny day :wink:


The bridge chip (if we talk this one does not have to handle 4K, but only 2560*1440@90Hz, which, with some bending and pulling, it might do, based on the public info, but we do not know, if there are some other constraints or limiting features under NDA.

See the following discussions:


Well said SweViver well said mate!:joy:


I like your optimismn and I am sure your view reflects that of a lot of other backers.

I doubt that the Pimax Team is following this board, and if they did I’d lose respect for them. Sure some info will be passed on but that is it.

It’s more likely that management will be putting pressure on the employees to finish the product. If they were involved in planning the timeline then that wouldn’t be totally wrong. If it was a top down decision, I’d be more worried.

In the meantime there’s another new but secrect Pimax product. Seems to be geared towards the indian market. If you combine it with a portable VR system, you could be earning money while spending time in VR!


you can also buy the vive pro latest new product from htc with lower specs then pimax 8k and if you do, don’t forget to ask for a free glass of milk, you have earned that one

haha sorry couln’t help it :smiley:


I share your sentiment for being astonished at the level of almost hatred being poured out in the forum by some people (if you look closely you will notice though that it is a handful of guys just posting a lot of repetitive complaints). But actually it is not really new, this has been going on with varying intensity since February.

At the end, this is just about a freaking VR goggle, and the small semi-professional company is making a couple of mistakes on its journey to deliver something no other company is even considering to offer at consumer level. You would expect a little bit less excitement and anger, no?

I do not even want to imagine how these guys freak out if their pizza comes without the ordered mushrooms… “No mushrooms ?? Someone has to die !!!” :wink:


If you send me an HMD so that I can use it while the Pimax is always suffering from delays and with unrealistic information, I will be waiting forever. Because it’s easy to say that when you have another product to use. I wish the deadlines and information given would have been more realistic, such as Brainwarp and deadlines.

But it’s just a comment, obviously that if the final product is good, everything will be fine. Let’s hope for that.


Wise words.

I agree wholeheartedly that the tone has gotten nasty and this insult-throwing benefits no one.

That said, expressing frustration that the 8K is late is understandable if you’d spent all that money.

The thing is, there is a way to go about expressing criticism constructively, and that is much more likely to succeed than angry offensive rants and arguments.


I understand the issue you have and feel for you; but learn from this experience and in future never ever again back a KS campaign if you are in a hurry to get the product - no matter what they say on the KS description.

KS campaigns are notorious for being delayed, and I have seen quite a few which claimed to be ready with a few months and then took ages, meaning 1-2 years of delay. Unfortunately this is part of the KS reality, if we like it or not.

I was planning to have the 8K by now too. But I was aware that I need to be flexible to reschedule if things don’t work out as hoped. Otherwise I would have had to choose a product off the shelf in the local store.


Well if you look who has made the tone nasty then it’s those people claiming the moral high ground, bashing everybody who DARES to voice any criticism towards their beloved Pimax team. Just like a true Social Justice Warrior, they are by far the most aggressive here.


Now that thats been pointed out


Nonsense. Upcoming headsets, some with WAY superior specs than Pimax 8k, others coming close:

  • Google/LG
  • Elf VR
  • Apple
  • Oculus Dome

And then the display tech is coming up with new high res screens too, like JDI with there new panels which will be out for sale Q1 2019 already!!

That’s where I highly disagree. First of all, if you think that the Pimax HMD, with their ultra small Chinese team, who ask questions on VR developer forums for help, think are able to deliver a better HMD than Google, with all of their HUGE extremely advanced tech teams and extremely deep pockets, then you’re just delusional. The Google HMD will be MUCH better and it’s not just because of the much better specs, it’s because Google will get it right. And these next gen HMD’s ARE coming. I’m not sure when, it might be late 2019, who knows (although my personal guess is much earlier, since they have everything working already). But that’s THE ONLY advantage that the Pimax 8k brings to the table: time. They will be first with the next gen. But if they release in December then others will be very close with their release. And after competitors release their next gen HMD’s, what will be the advantage of Pimax? Price maybe, the poor guys can then go for Pimax. But people who want quality will buy other HMD’s.

So, THAT is why time IS of essence here.


@Axacuatl this reply is for you…

Sorry @oysta1109

No problem, I know what KS is. But I also know when a company gives us information that is not true.

The problem here, really is information, not necessarily the delay.

This post illustrates well.


I didn’t read any of the other related threads (thank god) so I don’t really know (or care really) how this all got started.

If people are being overly aggressive then it is better to ignore them, flag the post, or wield the mod hammer. I think that we should start to think about doing that actually.

Still don’t get what you mean with the SJW thing, but whatever, it isn’t important.

So, anyone up for shutting this whole thread down? @heliosurge? As an SJW myself, I am all for freedom of speech but this is getting out of hand.


Yes those are getting ready to demo their prototypes. Not to be confused with releasing them for sale.


How about we start a thread where people can voice opinions constructively, and any aggressive crap gets deleted.