Question: Was the Kickstarter prototype a huge fraud?


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Keep in mind that Google already has a working prototype, including their own custom developed chipset AND inhouse developed forveated rendering!!! And you bet that everything works at the specced frequency. I think the only question is when LG can mass manufacture the panels.


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Yes i think they will have a nice Google android headset.


Android? Their HMD’s wont be standalone.


Welp looks like we have a bonafide trumpkin here (sjefdeklerk). One of the ones that believes in conspiracy theories and that the craziest reality is probably the correct one. They will spin pretty much anything as some evil pot against them (their group) and what they think and only what they think is the truth.

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I wouldn’t count on it not being. Plus google us known to sub contract their pixel phones. Why mfg changes every other year to every year.


Not anymore, they bought the whole HTC plant, tech and 2000 head tech team and are now developing in house.


Might wanna have a look at @sjefdeklerk’s post history. He’s extremely involved on this forum and has helped Pimax tremendously in the past with their 4K HMD.

Trumpkin might really apply to your line of reasoning by calling individuals names and then form generalized opinions.

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Too much focus on hardware alone. IMO. Maybe also look for content that could be an awesome addi©tion towards the FOV for the Pimax 8K. I’d love to experience flying like a bird over Paris as in Eagle Flight. Or swimming amongst whales, or fish. Or creating a painting or other art and walk in that painting you created.


Really, all backers are perfectly right to be frustrated with Pimax. They never gave the impression they were a large efficient organisation but they still kept the ball rolling with deadlines and demos giving the impression of progress, and now months later they’re barely communicating.

Ok, this is new tech and a small team, but they -took our money- and at this point there’s only a weekly, vague, re-hashed, pushed-back half-deadline to show for it, just as the large, efficient organisations start talking their own 2.0s. Kickstsrters carry some uncertainty but they aren’t supposed to be a knife edge gamble, and Pimax have had -every- opportunity to keep backers updated with some minimum of hardly-news beyond the staccatto silence weve been given to explain and reassure us. Instead: nothing. It’s beyond amatuerish and I don’t blame anyone for reading fraud into the situation, though incompetance seems more likely.


Thats good news. But look up 8k uhd gaming. Uts not pretty. Which after reading is why i said it was a smart move that you did dropping to the reg 8k.

So 120hz/eye with 18mega pixels, might work if they plan on using TV’s TruMotion 120hz.

But even with 1180 ti being said to be what was 50% stronger isn’t going to be strong enough.

Yes Foveate rendering might be the magic fix but maybe not.

Benefit to a standalone is direct short connections to hardware. No long cables or wireless signals. Things like Project Alloy & Sulon-Q(sp?).

The Razer Phone is qhd at 120hz, while all headsets atm with exception of psvr are mainly running 60hz to 90hz.


Again, Google already developed it and has the tech working. And when google writes an algo, you bet it works.

We’ll see next week, of course it’s possible that they’ll disappoint (if it indeed would be a standalone, man, that would be a BUMMER), which would be great for Pimax. But I have high hopes that this will become a truly next gen HMD, best of class.


@sjefdeklerk: sure, others with way more R&D capacity will eventually come to the market, and then make the 8K look obsolete, that’s the game. But all the potential products you listed have not been announced for any release so far, so we are left with perhaps, possibly, and your guess is as good as mine as to when these will materialize into a product available for purchase. Will it be 2019, 2020, 2021 ? Given the experience since 2012, when Oculus kicked this industry off (or alive again, if you consider the 90’s early try-outs), I am not as optimistic as you are.

Oculus themselves do not seem in a hurry at all. For 2019 I expect them to deliver the Santa Cruz-based high-end stand-alone VR experience. I woud be surprised if we saw the Rift II before 2020.
Apple ? Said to be next year - but what exactly will it be ? I do not see them release any PC-based VR HMD.
Google ? Not even the faintest idea. And will it not go into the same direction as Apple ? They were the first ones to release a sort of consumer AR product with the Google Glass, I would expect them to be looking into a kind of mobile device again. Would seem to fit their philosophy more than a PC-based one.
Kopin ? I did not study them carefully, but thought they are just about increasing the resolution for the (possibly movable) sweet-spot, i.e. mere display-tech ? That would then mean, somebody wouzld have to take that and add it to all the other required elements for a next gen HMD.

So we may well see a well-functioning 8K remain state-of-the-art throughout 2019. And a failing 8K released next month would be second best to the available HDM’s right-away if it has substantial flaws.

But I agree that Pimax may still lose significant momentum if the delay drags deliveries into 2019, because some competitors may at least hint at their products for late 2019 or early 2020 and if those promise significantly better performance in some areas compared to the 8K, only the impatient niche of VR enthusiasts may buy the 8K because they do not wish to wait for yet another year.


True, we don’t have any concrete dates on any of them. But the same could be said for the Pimax 8k. Fact of the matter is that Google has a working prototype, with inhouse custom developed algo’s, hardware and chipset, so that’s where they’re further than Pimax already. The only thing that seems to keep them from releasing tomorrow is LG.


I can’t wait to see Google’s gpu if its meant for pc. Who knows maybe LG will put this in their UltraGear steam headset (not bloody likely). And at whst cost; heroVR with the yearly full package 8k equivilent maintenance fee?

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Well, same could have been said of the Knuckles when they were first shown in 2016. But can you buy them today ? (okay, this was unfair because the delay of the Knuckles really borders on the incomprehensible - what the hell is Valve up to ?!).

Pimax have said they will release it soon, the others have not said anything even near to that. I agree, it’s just words, and we have seen a couple of reschedulings so far, but at least we can assume that they really really want to get them out as soon as they believe we will not jump in their face when trying them out. With the others, there can be lots of other, unknown factors leading to completely different roadmaps and we do not even have any statement of intent on the release dates. As a result, the level of uncertainty is much higher on those.

It would be nice if they would get through their internal testing successfully in the coming days and ship the damn M1 to the beta testers soon, so we are not playing the guessing game here for another couple of months…


LOL yeah they’ve been promising to ship out ‘in a few weeks’ since November. I have a feeling that they’re actually very far from releasing. I hope I’m wrong though.


They’re Valve; Par for the course. :7