Question: Was the Kickstarter prototype a huge fraud?


Look. Even if a supplier sent out the wrong panels and Pimax did mistakenly receive a shipment of (more expensive) 1440p OLED panels: those panels have different connectors. You can’t just take that 1440p panel and plug it in. So that’s where Pimax had to do hardware adjustments, so that’s when they MUST have noticed first that these were not 4k panels. Then, after fixing the connector, the current firmware could not control those panels because those panels need specific drivers. So they rewrote the firmware version and made adjustments specifically (and ONLY) to drive that new panel, that’s when Pimax started with 2 different firmware versions, remember? So come on Heliosurge …


No they didn’t mistakenly receive Samsung qhd oled panels. They had a seperate product that was not generally sold to consumers. Again Luke found the BE edition on ZozoVR. The mainboard had extra things the 4k did not ie micro usb port. The BE even had hot wheels like flame on the Pimax symbol.

As for which Samsung display hard to know the exact model. But qhd oled 60hz 5 or 5.5" whichever matches the Sharp display size.

So while your conspiracy possibility might be true; if pimax wanted to rip themselves off. It is more likely the mis packaging of the BE is correct.

@crony even mentioned the BE as being a product.

They had a special firmware for the BE yes before merging the 2. We were not aware of the other product until it was discovered on a website & the fellow who had 2 diffetent “4k” from gearbest.


May I suggest a 3rd categorie of users here ?

Those who are not necessarily happy with everything Pimax does but would like to see the conversation about it simply take place in a more civilized manner without accusations of fraud etc. only because they did not manage to deliver in Jan/Feb as per original KS campaign information.

I get dragged into a “defend Pimax” role here sometimes by the kind of aggressive language you can read here quite frequently which I find pretty abusive and inappropriate. Many, who are particularly vocal in their distrust of Pimax, base it in substance merely on the current delays and not always very helpful communication strategy of Pimax. You almost expect them to show up at Pimax premises with torches and pitchforks… and that’s just over the top, and it is important to me to get vocal against that style of communication.

Can Pimax be critized for the progress of the last 6 months? Oh yeah, sure. But do we have to metaphorically club them to death as things stand currently ? No, I do not think so.


How many 4k headset pimax have sold ?

Probably hundred thousands

How many complainers consumers there are ?
A dozen maybe including you , 1 of the moderator of this forum, a pimax forum that is not moderated by pimax customer service and technical support but that is moderated by a third parties like you, that since I step foot in this forum as backer of the pimax 8k, is hearing only your continuos complaining about customer support and whatever , along with the few usual bs spinners that are candidly more interested in pimax to fail , than succeed

Go figure!


Goto kickstarter. 30,000+ i don’t read chinese so I can’t comment on the Chinese pimax forum.

I have the team’s trust as do the leaders they promoted.

Now please reread my post as it contained a compliment to you instead of performing a “bd spin”. :v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


The figure they gave was 30K manufactured within 6 months. No info on sales but I suppose 30K+ then.


If this is so bad for you, only Pimax can be blamed for it… again.

I believe there could be no better person than @Heliosurge to do this here. In fact he is being more patient than he should be.


I am very well aware of their BE product, which is a different product with different firmware. You can not cross flash that firmware with those 4k with 1440p panels. So if nobody was aware at pimax of the ‘error’ then how come they released a specific firmware for it? Again this was NOT the official BE firmware


Not at all. I am smarter than your bs games. I can see where the bullshit talk comes from and certainly is not from pimax working on the prototype I backed while you all are here rambling and vomiting the same shit over and over again , with the intention to create malcontent in backers.
My malcontent comes to this shit behavior that makes this forum toxic for backers that just wait for the prototype and are willing to give pimax all the time they need.

This forum is heading toward a pimax complainers forum only

I would suggest all the smart backers that are patiently waiting , to ignore any new thread posted that speaks about complaints about the 8k , the 8k that is in development and that it would take the time that it needs to take to get it done as close as possible to the best possible


The only shit behavior we see here is yours…as usual


4 hours later and it’s the same “Groundhog Day” repetition here. Time to shoot this thing @Heliosurge



“… I got you, Babe”


But it was the BE firmware. We all know that as it was also what caused the discovery when folks tried flashing the new firmware unaware it was incompatible with the 4k firmware at the time. Now both are Harmonised in 1 firmware that works for both. The fellow who dismantle his 4k that was a BE confirmed. Different mainboard, no shutter glass & different panel.

Granted pimax is very likely to have discovered this before we did. Looking for the missing be headsets & kept quiet.


Closing this thread lets start a new thread on VR. I accept Marco’s limitations & reccommend others do the same.