Question: Was the Kickstarter prototype a huge fraud?


The kudos goes to 8k developers for hearing more of the same everyday.

Some backers wants developers to use the money of the backers to buy customer service people, marketing people and pr people.

I vote for that money to be put in developing the product and not on day and night care of internet kids


No as often is apparent you mis interpret what is written.

You obviously don’t understand marketing. This os not a new company. They are failing to support their consumer sold products in both tech support & sales support.

If your a salesman selling products & you destroy your reputation of being a decent vendor. Don’t count on your reputation; to sell better products later.

Now are you on the same page? The issues on this kickstarter with communication problems will only make it worst. Backer’s are not asking for support; simply realistic time tables & basic reports on how things are going. Simple answer to s question works wonders to moral.


Also the 80hz is old info & not the current reasons listed for delays at least not here in the forums. Months ago seems accurate.


How many backers are asking that? The same usual + the moderator of the pimax forum…go figure

Amazing how the source of bad PR is the same moderator of the pimax forum

Sincerely , I do not take you seriously.

As a backer , I wait to the product to be released and when I see.

All this pre-release talk, is a complete bullshit


I agree you don’t understand ensuring support to existing & new customers. As you have yet to understand customer vs backer.

Customers now = Company’s current reputation if it falls. New potenial future customers of say the 5k/8k consumer release. Will choose to buy from trusted vendors over one that has become known to provide poor support.

Now take your time & read with an open logical mindset.


@Heliosurge , no matter how we try he seems stuck in his idea and i personally think it is a complete waste of time.
He misses the point everywhere , don’t waste any more of your energy mate, you’re opinion and presence on this forum is way more important than his will ever be.
Lets just hope Pimax understands our concerns and gives us a realistic updates/timeline


So what who write these articles are going to mix together in the next headline , after u get the next update you want ?


if you actually look at your poll you’ll see by yourself


How many of you are wasting your time and energy with this spinning of complaints?
10- 11 compared to hundreds of backers that do not gives a shit about your complains


Buy a 4k now & learn about tge current state of support.

I am not the source of their PR; there support system that is failing. However is.

It’s not pre-released bs it is current consumer product support.


Less than you. I assure you.


Actually seeing the results of both polls it seems very clear that is a 50/50
you are the only one (or maybe 3 more) wining at the people asking for realistic timelines, you even have a go to moderators and highly respected backers.
you are the kid here and i think you are full of a word you love : Bullshit !!!

pleases @sjefdeklerk leave this one, thanks


No shit the current state of support is bad, they have moderators that complains about pimax!!

But again, I wait for the 8k fo be released and to resources being moved from developing to mass production and then to support of the mass production , and then we see.

Why do u even keep writing about pimax products in this forum, when u are the first to speak about pimax being a failure of a company?


He never said it was a failure compagnie and all we do here is ague with you who does not understand what we talk about.
Stop answering for a while and you 'll see how quiet it goes


Actually , your poll , seems missing votes to be at 50%


And for my poll, u might want to sum the numbers of ppl “who does not give a shit”, to the number of ppl that " are satisfied ", because both fall in the category of “non complainers/patient backers”


yep and yours mate ??? and remember we are 6000 so wait a few days.

And to go a bit further with the analysis the result is not important , you will always get happy and unhappy people.
some will want more, some less, some does not give a dam and its all good.
What is not good in my opinion is to have a go at someone for not following your thinking, or stating that everyone talks bullshit or are just a bunch of kids.

Really agree with many things you say and also disagree with some as with many other backers, when i mentioned you before in a comment it wasn’t with bad intention, was just a kinda joke that went a bit out of control.

Now few options here, we can all calm down and let people express there opinion or we can all loose our shit and start insulting each other in a nonsense argument.

Truth is, as many companies, Pimax should care a bit more about backers and try to give realistic timelines.


Always interesting how many live in a vaccuum.

I remember specsreader.


Not giving a crap means not giving a crap …not the same as satisfied


This is the message your are all repeatedly giving to ppl.
A failure of a company. Moreover , you are all waiting for next update with a next delay , that for sure will be the next headlines of all those VR sites around.
So , no shit