Question: Was the Kickstarter prototype a huge fraud?


It means the same, because both they are not after starting the next run of complains


Please take time to read whats there instead of interpeting what isn’t.

Failing does not mean failure. It means if things don’t change it can lead to failure.

You are the only one saying “failure of a company”


All i can say is that i respect your opinion but i don’t share it .
As a reminder, there is absolutely nothing you can possibly do to stop this from happening, has much as you try, people will still say what they think and that’s the idea of the forum.
Lucky that in the world we live today we don’t use your system when going to vote…


So now in defence of the lies Pimax have fed, we have ‘but production lines take a long time to set up’.
Would that be the production line they said was state of the art with thousands of employees and ready and waiting to go, and even gave us photos of?
Just one of the inducements held out to convince me to give them money, and an inducement I relied upon in giving money.
How dare I complain about them lying. I should be grateful for lies and feel nice and warm and fuzzy.
When I trust a company then they can take their time, I trust they are using it wisely to improve my outcome. When I don’t trust a company, keep me informed in detail and stop lying.
Remember we’re still on ‘It will ship Q2’, no answer on details of lense problem, brainwarp is proven feasible as an answer to ‘have you ever had brainwarp working on any model ever?’ and so on. No actual info. Impossible timeframe.


Of course the V2 wasn’t viable for mass production. It was a hand-assembled prototype with 2 HDMI cables that took quite a lot of tweaking to get working at each demonstration setup. They did tell us this and/or it was mentioned by the people who tried it. Don’t blame others, if you didn’t do your research before becoming a backer. The M1 is the first version which is theoretically ready for mass production.

Many Kickstarters fail and frequently have delays, which leaves a lot of backers disappointed, but (unfortunately) it happens. Pimax appears to be attempting to follow through on their promises. I’d much rather they take whatever time is necessary (but no more than that) to produce a quality unit that meets the original specs.

In particular, the refresh rate was listed as 75/90 Hz. I took that to be the range that they were attempting to hit. Since they are currently at 80 Hz, that meets my expectations. If they can eventually hit 90 Hz, I’ll be very happy. The lenses are one of the most important things in a VR headset; if they still aren’t good enough for Pimax’s developers, to the point at which they are willing to spend an additional $100K, then I’m willing to wait for the additional 2 weeks it adds to the delivery time.


Would love to see the forums in the timeline where they responded to widespread complaints about lens distortion by covering chunk of lens with tape.


I’m having an hard time spotting a difference in this LOL xD


Take a break folks, in the end…if you look the problem in a more detached, unemotional way, it is clear that the truth is in the middle, even what Marco says has some reasoning.

All this talking and speculating about refresh rates being 10Hz less that some wanted, is nonsense and insignificant, clearly…if it had been like I tried to point out in multiple occasions, if Pimax had choosen OLED panels instead of the ones they choosen, it would have not been a problem to reach 90Hz or even better, but I understand their choice, only a couple or three manufacturers in the world are currently producing OLED panels, they are mostly tech giants and to ask them a supply you must be a medium/high company with lots of investment capacity, say…50.000 units at least or they will not even look at you as a client :slight_smile:

Many are impatient of having the product in their hands, but let’s remember that backing a product is different from buying it, and that there are R&D times, often in the order or months if not years, and that Pimax is walking on an unexplored path (well with the exception of StarVR, but that company has probably more resources and works in other higher revenue markets), even a big company like Panasonic tried to made a prototype of wide FOV headset the last year, but many had criticized their lens were ugly and distortion was so bad…so, if Pimax tells they are taking their time to work on better lens than the ones that many have already tested and were already happy enough, you should not complain but be happy, since it will probably become the headset to beat for a long time to come.


Totally agree, Pimax said frequency 75/90, 150/180 with BW, not between 75 and 90.

I do not understand how some backers want to make us stupid.

I accept the frequency that the Pimax 8k displays have at the end, but I like that the communication is true, I think it is a fair request from the backers


Yeah I understood it the same, two modes, 75 and 90, plus in communications in FAQ/comments 90Hz was the one spec mentioned.

That Pimax can’t seem to reach a stable 90Hz now is another story. If they can tweak it to reach it, great, but if not I’m fully okay with 80Hz.
But I do understand if other backers feel let down by it if they backed it on the premise of 90Hz, just as I backed it because of high FOV and would feel very disappointed if that would change.


Guess you didn’t read Xunshu’s update of movimg the line to better world class facility. Settimg up a line does take time.

I can understand this is out of your experiemce & thus understanding.


You missed the fact its not the panels causing tge refresh issues. Its tge bridge chip. Even WMR lcds are hitting 90hz. It was stated the clpl displays have no problem with 90hz in a Qualcomm project.

So Oled screens would make no difference ti reach 90hz.

Yes Marco does have a few minor points if you ignore his ignorance of not providing support for their customers who are not buying imaginery products but real existing ones.


You do realize I’m not proposing to literally use tape in the final product? Any lens has a lens holder, just make the plastic a bit thicker so that it overlaps the lens and BOOOM gone is the distortion around the edges, since that edge is now covered by plastic. FoV is slightly lower but if that saves us 9 months wouldn’t that have been the best solution?


Oh come one, this is just getting silly. 75/90 does NOT mean a range. Not even in China :slight_smile:


Indeed but it was to make a point as long as tge headset works at min spec it wouldn’r be a lie. Hell by request they said they would even support 60hz for Optimus laptops which are restricted by intel igpu refresh of 60hz with Nvidia gpus passthrough.


Except its not the display’s limitatiin but the bridge chip.


Pimax never gave a reason for not being able to obtain 90 hz. The chip is capable of it, as is the display, yet they can’t get it going somehow. They’ve been debugging supposedly but never seem to have found the core of the problem.


Like I have already tried to explain in deep in other threads, in most possible accurate tech detail (well…at least for someone…).

NO LCD CAN REACH REAL TRUE 90Hz, not even the WMR or any other damn brand, it’s all marketing shit and they obtain such bogus refresh rates just by using tricks and algorithms !..

If you don’t want to believe it, it is your choice, but unfortunately if you had some deep tech understanding and had informed from insider’s sources, it would have been different.


Process of elimination. 5k stable at higher refresh without scaler vs 8k that has scaler. So instability begins prior to upscaler.


Well even Valve disagrees with you & added lcd to their headset dev kit. Along with reviews of WMR headsets.

It was also said LCD would never replace plasma.