Questions about hardware and software


I’m running Piplay 1.2.x at present, though I notice there is also 2.x & 3.x available

What are the pro’s and cons of running 2.x over 1.2?

Is 3.x mature enough to run, and what are the differences between 2.x & 3.x

I noticed that on a tear down and rebuild I watched on YouTube that the PCB appears to mount a HDMI slot or similar, (didn’t get a good look at it) Is the screen directly drivable via that interface? I ask as I know there is a reshade preset that enables depthmap SBS 3D but that would require me to directly address the screen. Or is there some other way to attach to the screen itself via software?

I’m currently using VorpX which seems to work. But the fewer layers of software I can run through the better IMO. I’m fine with not having head tracking, since for what I’m trying to do I’m used to running with a thumbstick controlling mouse look, and I have minimum nausea from this already, (luckily)

Also what are the actual dimensions of the screen itself? PPI, resolution, etc.