Questions for Pimax about 5KBE



I hope the following picture can solve your doubts. Thank you


Hi Matthew,

The response is very much appreciated - thank you! However it does not answer all the questions. Ones in bold below remain a mystery.

What is refresh rate?
What is subpixel pattern?
How does SDE compare to 5k+, Vive Pro?
Has ghosting issue been eliminated?
Will Brainwarp work with this headset (assuming it ever works at all as we have precious little from @xunshu or @PimaxVR about this despite many of us asking many times)


I can’t answer all those questions however…

The refresh rate is listed in the specs provided by Matthew…

I spoke with Xunshu and she told me that the BE model will use the same drivers that the 5K+ and 8K will use including BrainWarp when that (and if) that ever becomes available.

Pimax has said there will be more SDE with the BE model compared to the 5K+ and 8K

Subpixel and ghosting… I don’t know. However, if the BE model has ghosting now (I tried the BE model myself but was limited to the LEAP demo software. Hard to see ghosting with that demo) … I seriously doubt they will fix that… even if they said they will in the future. I say that from experience of being a Pimax 4K owner.


Thanks… This is the closest to answers I have seen!


You need to fix your pre order page, the 5K+ is listed as OLED.


Thank you for your warning, we will update it right now. Thank you


Thank you for your answer but please @Matthew.Xu (or anyone who tried them) correct me if I’m wrong with this;

Only in terms of SDE and black levels:

The 5k+ is equal to the Oculus Go

The 5kBE is equal to Odyssey/Vive pro


Dear Mlkconcept,
Most of your understand. Thank you.


Is @Mlkconcept correct in his understanding then?


Hi @Matthew.Xu,

Will testers be receiving the 5KBE? If so when?

@SweViver @mixedrealityTV @VoodooDE


I need to confirm this question and reply to you later. Thank you


I appreciate your response. Thank you.


@Matthew.Xu When will you provide the official comparison, and ship units of the BE version to reviewers as @xunshu posted 15 days ago?

Thank you


I will confirm this matter and reply to you tomorrow. Thank you.


Great, thank you for your support


@Matthew.Xu do you have any answers regarding PimaxBE?


@Matthew.Xu it was tomorrow yesterday :wink:


Yep, I’m sorry I didn’t reply… there are some things that need to be confirmed.
So, I will reply asap. Thank you


Any news on this @Matthew.Xu ?


@Matthew.Xu any news?