Quick impressions of Pimax 5K+


So far I have assumed that the blacks of the 5k+ is much better than the blacks of the Lenovo. So my decision to take the 8k is made. Because in all tests and experiences it has been said that it has the much better black than the microsoft LCD headsets.


Pimax has said they will provide adjustment to the colors of the 5K+ to get closer to the 8K. But who knows when, and if it will really improve… sometimes they promise something in hopes that they can do it.


I didn’t mean the color temperature, I meant the black level.


Now that I think about it, I do think the 5K+ has better blacks than the Lenovo but i’d have to try my lenovo again to make sure. I can try it tonight and let you know


That would be very nice of you, because no tester has ever made this comparison with Lenovo in terms of black levels.
I am looking forward to your impressions :slight_smile:

edit: If I may make a suggestion. Maybe values between lenovo, 5k+ and 8k. Sorry for my english, not my native language :smiley:


yes please i have a lenovo, and im waiting to people making a comparation between lenovo and 5k+ or 8k

What you sugeste? 5k+ or 8k for people that have a lenovo?



What is dr. Kaii tool?

Edit: it’s a tool for manipulating color and brightness and possibly more settings of the game Elite Dangerous.


Lenovo Explorer got exactly the same display matrix the only size is different or better to say aspect ratio. Lenovo is 1449x1440 and 5K+ is 1440x2560. Even they have same display matrix 5K+ have a little better picture because lens magnification on 5K is smaller than on Explorer what is an effect on PPD. Lenovo is around 14 and Pimax5K is around 18. Because of that SDE looks smaller on 5K as well. Both are full RGB displays that is why clarity is better on 5K than on 8K which is not even Pimax claim it is but actually, I never got the proper answer from Pimax to confirm or deny that claim.
Now we coming to the price. Explorer with controllers and full 6DoF tracking cost 199$ and Pimax5K+ only HMD without controllers and without full 6DoF tracking cost 700$.
How and why such difference in price I can’t calculate and find an adjustable reason when basically parts in production for Explorer cost more than for Pimax5K+ only HMD what they actually charging 700$. For now controllers and proper tracking you can only pay some awans 300$ but this is not final price and probably will be higher. So Pimax5K+ will cost more than 1000$ in the end.


thanks for the answer i have a lenovo and im backer of 8k full pack. im asking a comparation to know if i did a good bargain. i like lenovo explorer but the sweet spot its very smal, one of the lens is always a little blury even if change ipd, and the tracking its horrible. if this new headset have a better sweet spot and better tracking i will be happy. sde, colors and blacks are not problem for me in lenovo.


There spec sheet says
Lenovo 1440 * 1440/eye 2880 * 1440
Pimax 5k+ 2560 * 1440/eye 5120 * 1440

But yeah big price gap. But Lenovo should have stronger buying power.

But can’t really compare them as quite different.


This forum is always quiet this time of the day . I am sure someone will offer some possible solutions soon .