Quick question about base station tracking



Hi guys,
I have tracking number so hopefully my 5k+ will arrive soon. I have one base station and no controllers except a steam Xbox controller. I’m only playing sit down driving so it should be ok. I’ve never had a vive so am not sure on where my single base station placement should be.
And ideas ? Distance from seat, height etc. ?


Ideal placement is above you facing down to give it the widest & clearest possible tracking area. I have them at the top of opposite corners of my room for my Vive which covers the whole room but as long as it has a clear view of wherever you plan to sit you should be fine. Just take into consideration any areas you might move to where line of sight could be blocked to the lighthouse. Another important thing to consider is it must be stable for tracking to be accurate, so secure it if possible (if you’re using the wall mount it will be fine). Also, if there are any mirrors or shiny objects in it’s sight this could also cause tracking issues (as they will reflect the IR lasers). Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Just to add to what @DarkJackal wrote. If you have only one base station, make sure it sits vaguely in front of you. You do not need to put it directly in front of you (I believe it could be even less efficient as it will not reach the side and back facing sensors) and put it further away so it has great margin over your play space, while keeping direct visibility.

Do not underestimate securing it, because when the base station starts the moment from the motors can move it slightly (even the vibration from when it is just running) and it could introduce jitter or shift in VR space mapping.


You might also google the distance for the Vive light house. There IS a minimum distance or it will not work properly. :beers:


The minimum distance is actually larger for the Pimax than it is for the Vive. I think the Pimax needed to be at least 1.5m but I haven’t verified.


Thanks guys, that helps heaps, i did check out the vive instructions but the difference in what’s required with the 5k+ was making me stress on it. I can sort of picture where I’m putting it now, about 2 meters away up about a metre from my head position and off to the right about 30degrees from centre.