Quick update on M1 progress


Can it not be that it’s simply because outside the forum he’s not known, nor does it have another public place where he can express his opinions? Or not bettter than another testers?


Yeah, but remember that all this testing process was initially intended to make backers sure that the progress of Pimax 8K is satisfactory, and we were supposed to give a green light to continue or something like that. Remember the early days of testing idea ?

Now this whole thing has transformed into a marketing attempt. It was not supposed to be a marketing. It had to be something for us here in the forum not on youtube,

At least that’s how I understood then this testing.


I think you are to pesimistic and you want a perfect product for cheap money.
I had my one company and we import products from China since 2007.
I know that chinese people have there one culture.
They are always a bit to optimistic and say one thing and make another, but pimax is not that bad. They take the feedback of bakers and make pre testing with people from the West. I think they make a good job so far and we will get a good product for good price. I also think there will be not much profit left from the kickstarter order.
At the end my standing point. No risk no fun:)


It continues to be intended to make backers sure that the progress of Pimax 8K is satisfactory, and we are supposed to give a green light to continue.


Well, I dont have an inport company, so for me risk is not fun, it is lack of food or not.


Look: if Pimax is willing to “release” this M1 on youtube, it means it will be the final product. Backers will say a lot but never be listen.

This is a masked launch and we don’t realize it yet. There will be no much of improvements on M1, at least not fundamentaly, maybe cosmetics. We will not know all the failures until you get one at home. The final refresh rate will be 80 Hz.

This is the scenario that unfolds now.
If I am wrong, then expect the launch date somewhere after CES 2019.
By being wrong means that Piamx will be willing to correct all M1 failures, which will take long long time.
They want to start shippment in June / July at any price I believe.

And one more thing: there will be regular buyers of consumer version that will receive the headset before many backers. It happened before with Nolo.

I know it sounds apocalyptic, but please tell me what ever in Pimax history looked like the heaven is about to come on earth.


I wish they had considered our proposal, but at this point I suppose we would already know. I guess it was too silly and Xunshu already warned us that there would be very few prototypes. The truth is that it has not been considered much in the forum, so we’ll see what the testers will say.


I agree with this scenario but I’m also fine with it. This is because I tested v3 and was very happy with the prototype already.


So what if there will be very few prototypes. You only needed one.
The interesting part is the total blackout attitude from Pimax part regarding your proposal. Do you think it was intentional or just clumsiness ?


Ok, I believe that you were fine with it. If you were Sfeje whom I trust, I would be fine too with V3.


Yet again you demonstrate exactly what I said in my previous post - you ask me a question to which you would find my opinion in my posts of the past 2-3 days stated more than once.

I will not repeat it again.

So while reading only a fraction of the posts, you swamp the place with your own posts, disrupting and provoking. Classic troll behaviour.

Bye, and please just let us know when you have eventually sold off your pledge. Have fun with your Google high-def goggles.

Checking out of the communication with you.


Okay Folks we need to realize yes Mirq is often Doom & Gloom. His experiences colour his opinions like us all; lets not turn this needlessly into attacks.

@mirq while I can agree any of the many long term users here could give the headset a decent look over review. I would say of all of us you listed Crony(and there were many you missed but hey you posted a quick short list) could likely do the best job of it; due to him exploring osvr & having experience building a headset. But has he backed? I can’t say.

Some are stuck on the idea of the Youtube only reviewer ignoring the requirements pimax said they are looking for. They said they are looking for Backer who is:

A) Leader in The community (I don’t think they should narrow this to pimax forums)

B) Proffessional reviewer and/or youtuber

Now we have many users here that are backers that truly fit these requirements & I assure you any of them that backed have invested because they believe or have been made believers after trying out one of the prototypes.

@Pumcy(Tom’s Hardware) for example backed after his experience in Toronto’s Immersed 2017. @Cdaked friend & VR college(sp?) Backed right after trying a prototype. The list is likely quite large.

While many of us here have been here a long time at this stage. Pimax needs folks who can give good detailed reports on the testing methods they have in mind & give extras where needed. This pretest is important & demonstrates how this company is growing & evolving. Yes they could have shipped out the m1 to all backers to evaluate; but what if an unforeseen flaw required them to have to recall the headsets? That would be a huge disaster. Trialing the first production run with folks who are seasoned in evaluating the headset is very wise as they are used to looking for things we might miss or dismiss as important. This will also help bring pimax & their products back into view. Exposure is important & needed by folks in the VR community as a whole not just within this forum.

Movies send prescreening copies out to get opinions & nominations. Sometimes the movie shipped has a different ending to what ends up in the final cut.

Like I said if you’d had tried the 8k any doubts you had as a result of the 4k/BE would be imho removed. Like I said in the discussion of selling one’s backing; “Unless one is doing so for a life change reason & not impatience because its taking longer than anticipated. Once released i truly believe those will regret this choice.”

And like @sjefdeklerk reccommended now is not a good time to simply have cold feet. And while he might not be a tester; he is well respected with plenty of time to shine brighter than he already has. With sj I find you have to pay attention. He backed out of the 8k-X for imo good sound reasons but jumped back in soon after stating “Had to it’s likely to be the best option out.” (Something like that) Which is praise.

Much like Ben’s statement checking out the v2. “You’ve been busy since I saw you last. This is quite good.” (Again something like that) Ben from what I have seen is very clinical & that statement is without doubt praise.

Truth I do look forward to when you do purchase the consumer release. :beers::v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Sorry, I was not involved in any discussion with you last days, so I didn’t read your posts. Actually there are several hundreds of post I didn’t read this month. I apology for that
Next time before I ask you a question I will read all your history of posts here on forum to be sure you havent already answered to it. Noted.


Okay Mirq, please stop for minute. What is cheaper?
A) Send a small batch of potenially final product to evaluate without 10m restrictions. (Youtubers/Reviewer - bloggers)


B) Go on a roadshow accross the globe? Paying for booths, flights & hotels etc.

Do I think they feel close to launch? Hell yes, much so they are willing to ship a small number of units out where Backers who are Reviewers can test the units without limited time constraints.

I find the wait hard; perhaps more so since I have had a taste/preview of what is just over the horizon.

But on the risk comment buddy; backing any kickstarter is a risk. And should only be taken if one understands that.


Cheaper and more thrusty: let Sfeje test the prototype. No need for others, unless a huge media campaign is about to begin, which is my theory.


Not to worry he will test it perhaps daily like the rest of us. With hopefully within a couple months time assuming and I am sure all goes well. :v::innocent::+1::sparkles:


Ha ha, guys, I know where you going. Why the heck don’t you say what you have to say loud and clear ?

Hola and cheers !


I believe that being so many testers will surely say what they see, don’t you think?
I hope it’s NOT the final product, I want more herzs in those screens, but I’m hoping that it gets close.


Very entertaining and on-topic (not) gentleman. Flame wars and saturday morning cartoons are on the menu today in our VR forum. Where are the moderators when things fall so far off the rails? @Heliosurge


Hi Helio!, I’m normally in sync with your opinion, but a this point of the the Q2 time table of the Pimax 8K you should almost known and not “feel” their launching.

Q2 is ending is June, given them 2 weeks to complete the actual test of the M1, 2 weeks for the beta and another 2 weeks to integrated the suggested changed if any and we are in June. so yes Q2 is still possible but it’s the optimistic scenario.

I think we must be realistic if we want our Pimax 8K in Q2 the close M1 beta will only improve minor details. They simply don’t have time…

We “feel” that Pimax is more transparent* but a this point it would have been nice to have close up pictures of the M1 prototype, motherboard, lens, assembly line, software interface etc. What append to the new MIPI chip they were testing and getting back to us in mars??

*it’s not to say they haven’t improved communication then have but they lack in substance for a KickStarter. If the Pimax 8K was normal developed product I wouldn’t mine but this is not the case…