Quick update on M1 progress


The most important thing is not M1 or M2 but Quality production.

a) I think M1 is good enough on paper
b) They are testing first batch of 8 M1 pimax 8K VR headset
c) They send to 8 beta testers. Two are in china, one is in germany, Two in USA etc
China beta testers have M1 after three days, Germany beta tester has M1 after ten days, USA beta testers have M1
after twenty days… So it’s twenty days + a Week to test = Twenty-seven days
d) In these twenty seven days they make some little changes to M1 and call It M2
E) When Beta M1 testers says WoW this is fantastic vive has … Pimax is … but i found this, I would like this
Pimax Says M2 is near to be ready
f) All backers are happy. Road Vr writes a good news on Pimax 8K
g) IT’S ALL OK but only if PIMAX is capable of checking production So if we call M2= FINAL
H) Final 1 is ok , Final 2 is ok, Final 3 is Ok but suddenly Final 1076 has issues Final 1077 has issues. IF they see issues before sending to customers and stop a batch with issues , Solve the issue and again Final 1076 is OK , Final 1077 is OK etc Then Pimax is a Great VR company


I do love conjecture and Pimax certainly offers so little information to keep that fire fueled. Having FedEx in China, I am not sure your ship times to the various backers is necessarily that tight. They may opt for a slower method to send out to all of us, but they could air express the tester units more expeditiously. The key to that may lie with how long it takes for various customs departments to process them through their borders.
Hey, maybe they could take a page from Oculus’s delivery to their first backer and fly in and deliver them personally with a hearty handshake. It’s a little pricey doing that, but they have our millions and the PR value would be worth it.


Guys, please do not feed the troll anymore. Just look at today‘s amount of posts by him, he has once again managed to distract you guys into stuff which is off-topic here and makes it an absolute pain to read through the thread, trying to not miss the non-troll related posts here.

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I feel you. These updates are only worth reading from an (update perspective) until Xunshu’s last post in them. To ease your pain you could just follow her posts here http://forum.pimaxvr.com/users/xunshu/activity
Everything else is just to see how many stupid things the trolls come up with. I used to just read the comic section of the paper with my coffee for a morning laugh. As annoying as it can be to some, it is can be a great source of insight for those interested in Paleoanthropology. Or child rearing.


Well well well… any update on M1 progress ? :sunglasses:


It’s only been 4 days since the last one… it would be a new Pimax record if we received another update already!!!


i know mate sry, just an intent to get back on topic…
Took me an hour to read all that stuff and don’t even know what to think now :sweat_smile::joy:
My head hurts


Okay folks move mirqs off topic & related posts. As many of you have requested lets get back on topic.



Me after reading thru this thread…doh!!!


Although I’m worried that I’m one of those 2% who might be disappointed with 80hz instead of 90hz (I’m sensitive to the feeling), I think a lotta people trust you man me included. And despite my concerns with refresh rate, I give you a lot of credence because I really like vr a lot too. Def hope pimax fulfills on it’s promises though.


Pimax promises was 75/90hz if i remember well


THIS, exactly my sentiments.


As I know xunshu say they still working on 90hz. For testing, this is lock on stable 80hz for now. So end goal is still 90hz and from last report, it is clear they have now dedicated team who work only on stabilization on a 90hz issue.
So I don’t understand why is always this questions and claim like it is locked on 80hz permanently. Did you read reports at all?
It is not final product so stop with this pleas especialy we are informed about it.


One thing for me is clear already.And I’m already aware of that. If they have not yet achieved 90 Hz, then they will not get beyond that in this version of the product(Maybe in a second generation). If the products shipped for testing are at 80Hz then this is what we will have.


I think you’re right, but we can hope that a firmware update later could push the refresh raté à little bit further.


the problem is that the history of Pimax with software updates is not the best, as there will always be the limitation of the hardware. Just look at the 4K topic.


I second you on that, hardware development is about iteration not miracle, the specs was already border line in the first place.


Hi all,

First time poster here. After watching some preliminary previews of the latest prototype, is it wrong of me to think that the warping that people have been saying all this time is due to the games being developed for 90-110 degree POV and thus forcing PIMAX software developers to stretch the view to accommodate their wide display?

Another thing is that PIMAX doesn’t really give backers much update and that may lead to some thinking that the company doesn’t care about them.


I did not read all 219 comments.
Will Pimax try to reach the 90hz at all?
Now it seems like it would be at 80hz for the final product.