Quick update on M1 progress


Pimax has this notion that their Kickstarter update status should only involve “We will be shipping items out to backers, for anything else, go to our Forum & Social media pages”.

What a way to treat the Kickstarter update seekers…


Please read Doc_ok’s article. Games are not being stretched/forced. Games do alot of offscreen rendering so you don’t see screen draws.

Doc_ok confirmed that its rendering the 200°Fov & that openvr (steam) supports it.


In fairness they did direct folks on kickstsrter to move to the forum & fb for updates. But do agree they should use the ks update as most for lack of better word are lazy. If your a backer it makes sense to join here more so than fb; since this is where one should be when their headset arrives.

But on the otherhand the $5 pledges would likely prefer email updates.



All I know is they should be trying. Fluidity in vr is so important. If everything is normal and nice then pimax has a lot more to gain in the long run putting out a decent hmd. Pc vr is 90hz. Crosses fingers


I am sure they will get there. Hopefully with the componets available. Though I suspect its the bridge chip & we may need to wait for the tech to advance further.

Like you said your not sure if your part of the 2%. If not you will really enjoy the 8k its almost painful going back to limited fov & fuzziness (yes even the 4k lacks clarity to the 8k)

Razer’s 120hz phone looks pretty impressive but i think its only qhd; but does also have hdr for Netflix. With the laptop dock they have me curious to see of they plan on an hmd to slide it in.

I do wish @xunshu would comment if they tried or are testing 1080p / eye @ 90hz as you suggested.


[quote=“Yongkykun, post:277, topic:5688”]
After watching some preliminary previews of the latest prototype, is it wrong of me to think that the warping that people have been saying all this time is due to the games being developed for 90-110 degree POV and thus forcing PIMAX software developers to stretch the view to accommodate their wide display?

Another thing is that PIMAX doesn’t really give backers much update and that may lead to some thinking that the company doesn’t care about them.[/quote]
The later feedback has said that the warping is gone. Back at v2 prototype, openvr/steam did not support angled headset screens. It does now. I think that was probably the source of the warping.

I also wish that Pimax was forthcoming with more info on their progress, but I suspect that they don’t want to report on slow progress or issues and would only like to report good news.


Imagine if all creators of kickstarters the during the campaign would redirect
updates to their private forum site what it would do… I’ve currently have 5 campaign actives that I follow for about 2 years each week. This is simply not acceptable for updates. Support and questions after the biding process is an another story. I fully understanding that they want to do support.

Major updates like M1 and beta test should also be posted on the Kickstarter site end of story no excuses


It’s not my project. Like I said they should use it for basic updates for folks that did the $5 pledge (keep me informed)

But otherwise they did notify all that they were moving updates to fb & the forum. Anyone whom is a backer can post links in the various internet places. So while I do appreciate how you think they should be doing things as there are many here that have made the request. It is not in our control save folks like yourself & others (myself included) that could post links to updates on other platforms.


I guess we could agree that KS updates are really kind of summaries, for people who do not want to burry themselves in forums. Pimax can redirect backers to their forums as much as they want, but:
a) finding important information on this forum is not easy even for me
b) this is not an update
What I find even more appalling that despite their claim about the focus on (their) forum they still release other informations elsewhere - as on FB or some other social networks without posting it here. Considering they are already running business with 4K, and are no longer new kids on the block, this information strategy is not acceptable.


If you use the update Kickstarter system you have email updates :wink: Evidently the comment is not directed to you but to Pimax.

Maybe I would trade the kickstarter updates for the 90Hz refresh rate :wink:


With regards to the 90Hz refresh rate… we really didn’t receive much of an update on that but if I recall correctly, wasn’t it proposed some time back that an upgrade chip could possibly resolve the refresh issue and that we the early backers could chose to either receive the HMD sooner by not waiting for this upgrade chip if it is determined the upgraded chip would resolve the issue or wait longer for the upgraded chip??? Am I remembering that correctly? I’m too tired at the moment to go searching through all the threads.

With regards to Kickstarter… and really annoying Hessfire and risking receiving more juvenile threatening personal messages by him for going off topic… I can’t help but wonder that the reason Pimax chooses not to continue with Kickstarter for updates has to do with Chinese censorship of Kickstarter which makes it harder for Pimax to work with. But that’s just speculation on my part. In any case… I myself prefer these forums than kickstarter. Easier to follow along with different threads.


with Hessfire it wasn’t so much the off topic. But more of him caring about being cautious. We all know that some sites ship things with questionable methods that slips into grey areas(to keep things polite so to speak).

Openly discussing things like that in open public channels could raise flags in some countries and lead to pleasantries. Even closed(private) channels could pose risk as some countries go after the company protecting their users privacy. (Whatsapp, Facebook & Apple come to mind in recent last year)


This thread like so many is cluttered.

What I propose & if yous will help keep me honest. (This has been suggested of sorts by other users)

The next update thread @xunshu creates. Only messages asking her questions will be allowed.

Anyone wanting a side discussion needs to create a link and put it in user discussion topic.

  • Yes for next Update Q&A Xunshu Only
  • No keep it Free-For-All

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I was the developer for some mods in ArmA. In Arma2 it was Project Reality mod for ArmA2. It was ArmA version of famous PRBF2.
PR mod was strictly closed for public and news get out only after theral developing and closed testing. In ArmA3 we decide to go out PR and be more open to the public but at the end that is kill the mod. That mod in ArmA3 was called Tactical Battlefield.

Point is anything you developing no matter Hardware or Software need to follow a certain hierarchy, structure or ideas. If it is too much influence from a side in work it is more destructive then constructive. It is better to leave Devs in peace to deal with some problems than constantly raise it up. For example, this 90hz goal was never questioned and all this constant bitching about it is more frustrating than helpful. It is better to leave Devs to deal with it without disturbing.

We just need to be patient.


97% for option 1 currently, I guess I am not the only one tired of community posts containing nothing but speculation. There are numerous other threads where people can post that kind of material.


I was at the VR Days in Amsterdam. Really liked the headset. Saw room for improvement of course but resolution and FOV was amazing


@Silpher But the ones who was not at VR Days only saw the flaws and still today keep whining about the flaws that they never saw :wink:

Having that said, I fully agree with you! :slight_smile:


@xunshu Any issues with the first batch of trial assembly units so far?


Honestly I think the updates should always be sticked and then make a main discussion thread about the update.