Quick update on M1 progress


I tried V2 at the NY Expo and I came to the same conclusion that SweViver did after that. Now Pimax did say they were going to show V3 at the NY Expo but in fact they didn’t have it at the actual show. But they did have a private showing of V3 that evening which Pimax did invite me but unfortunately I had other commitments that evening. It was during that private evening showing of V3 that the “$hit hit the fan”… being the first prototype going from dual HDMI to a single DP and the refresh rate problem being more apparent. But the demo I saw with V2 was impressive and myself and others at the show who tried it were impressed. And plenty of times I’ve been critical of Pimax in these forums since I’ve been here for a couple of years now.

Oh but I should say… they were using VIVE wands at the time so I can’t speak for the controllers. That’s always and still continues to be a mystery!


oh really… literally everyone else you spoke? you were there for like 20 minutes dude…
and i dont remember you talking to anyone but me…


It could also be that the device received a blow or perhaps it would start to fail later, when it warmed up. The truth is that our partner who tested v2 in New York also reported problems. Then the v3 worked correctly.

It would be interesting to see what happens when the device is used for a few hours, both at the level of dizziness and failure.


“when it warmed up.” - That’s a possibility. I was at the show even before it officially opened and I was the VERY FIRST person to try the Pimax at the show.


@Cdaked @tomohm

there were quite a few in queue before me… heat was an issue?

my stomach turned when i looked down… i think it was the warped image that got me…


Our article in Spanish

Problems reported in the v2 New York prototype:

"The sweet spot occupies 80 percent of the screen, only towards the bottom that distorts and on the sides where the image is blurred can not be clearly focused. But I would say that this sweet spot that is going to allow you to read texts clearly reaches as far as normal conditions and you would turn your head to read something on the side because no one reads by forcing the view to one side, simply.

An important defect that I notice is that something is not right in the image, it is as if the lenses or screens were not well balanced, making me see as a double image in the central part. My interpupillary distance is 63mm and I am lucky to be in the middle of this industry. But hey, this is a development kit and these defects are solvable so I do not want to give importance.


When Pimax was at the NY Expo, at the time I was using GearVR (w/riftcat) and the Pimax 4k. Microsoft was days away from releasing Mixed Reality and they were at the show. Now, I can tell you that the Pimax 4K makes my stomach turn due to its inherit ghosting problems. When I tried the 8K, I really wanted to see how much of an improvement it was to the 4K. People must have laughed at me while I whipped my head left and right over and over as fast as I could but if you own the Pimax 4k… you would understand why I would do that!!! It was really good. I was also really excited after trying Microsoft’s Mixed reality as well for the first time. At that time I was already a backer of the 8K but I never really thought Pimax would release the 8K as stated so I went ahead and got the Samsung as a stop-gap until the 8K arrived.

You know… I did have that problem initially with the V2 for the first 10 to 20 seconds but then my eyes adjusted and the image stopped being double. The V2 model had no working IPD so people were stuck with whatever value V2 had. Don’t know if it makes any difference but I have 20/20 vision.



Our partner has very good vision and an iinterpupillary distance of 63.

You had to strain your eyes to focus too. From my partner comment, it seems that either the screens or the lenses got more loose due to a knock.

Problems of robustness in prototypes?


Maybe… I also remember that the prototype at the show (and being the first person to try it) looked awfully beat up!


I am not saying it is great and I’d prefer 90 FPS but it’s not as big of a deal that many believe. DK 2 was 75 FPS without any reprojection techniques available.

That and most vive users don’t care to set their supersampling according to their machine capabilities and play reprojecting most of the time. That s a big deal and craps all over your experience.


I would recommend that all testers make a video of the unboxing of their prototypes, as soon as they arrive, so that we can see in what state they receive it.


Excellent news !! we look forward :slight_smile:


I tried the other v2 at Immersed in Toronto & my experience matched for the most part @SweViver. While not ready to ship was impressive at that stage of development.

But I guess we need the odd experiemce to be on par with Linus. Just imho suggests your expectations for the v2 prototype was much higher than even Lucky Palmer who demonstrated he was quite impressed. :v::wink::+1::sparkles:


Thanks for confirming my suspicion towards SweViver. His ‘wow it’s just sooooooo greaaaaat’ review without pointing out ANY downside at all, did not make any sense to me at all. I’m too quite disappointed that they included him. I’m just HOPING that they’ve selected Ben from RoadToVR for the test, but I’m afraid Pimax has been selecting users for marketing purposes only, so users like Sweviver from who they already know that they’ll tell everyone that’s is an AAAWWEESOOOMMEE headset. Of course, from a marketing perspective it might be the right choice but still, I was hoping that they actually were interested in real feedback to improve the product. But maybe I’m wrong and maybe they actually did include critical users.


Even worst when users experiemce reprojection at 45 fps. :dizzy_face: But some say most don’t find reprojection much of an issue as a work around. So we’ll have to wait & see if 10fps makes that much of difference with the testers. After all we might find it matches the exhibitions of the v2 & v5 reported experiences.

Plus we still have the Oculus dk2 still claiming 75hz isn’t so bad at a 15fps loss.



This will likely be done & depending on Pimax’s NDA, we may have to wait.

Soon it will be time to check the testers’ enthusiasm after having received the M1.


True we do need contrast. But even Lucky was impressed without mentioning any downsides either.

But yes we need contrast on both sides of the coin to see the third side a mix of the 2.


Well hopefully they used a similar formula from when they formed the VR committee. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


It’s quite probable that the interpupillary distance adjustment was loose and that both @SweViver r and @Hopper were right, would also depend on the difference between their IPD. Remember that the IPD setting did not work in v2.

Sweviver was not the only one who said that the v2 looked good.

In any case, I’m sure that this time the prototypes will be studied more thoroughly.