Quick update on M1 progress


Why isn’t Pimax revealing the list of reviewers anyway? I’d love to know who they’ve selected. If it’s only SweViver type of youtubers I’m not expecting much critical thinking, which would be a shame, since this is really a great opportunity to get some decent feedback. If this is just a big marketing show, then who cares anyway. Then again, maybe they actually did select some critical users.


Without constructive criticism Pimax would have save their time with this testing step.
I think and I hope they know this.


@SweViver was an early reveal as is Sebastian. I am sure once the NDAs are returned they will publish the beta tester list then.

Plus on some side its probably good to not have them bombarded with direct requests as atm we don’t know what the test procedure method that the team is looking to use.

*Yes I am eager for the :cookie: to be ready. :beers::blush::+1::sparkles:


You’re right it’s probably best to not disclose the list before conducting the reviews. Exciting times for sure, I’m just really hoping Pimax’s goal is getting feedback and that all this is not just a marketing strategy to them. I guess we’ll find out soon!


I think Pimax already commented that they would be under NDA, so they can not say anything.
@Sweviver commented that it was, but I think there were more testers than units, maybe he is not even a tester, although I hope so, the more people try it, the more reliable the test will be.


I will be putting some questions back on the table but have t do about an hour n half drive first. These are community requests.


I feel like a child, so excited


so, in retrospect, i realise now my initial post towards @SweViver is focused and hostile more than i intended… which i regret… so my apologies…

i guess the point i was trying to convey was that i hope that the testers receiving this module will at least try not to give a hyped/biased opinion… The Pimax team needs to get accurate feedback…


Yes, you are right, totally agreed.


Ben had a crap experience day 1 of CES. PC Gamer had a much more positive experience later that week. To put down a reviewer for having a positive experience is just silly. I don’t always agree with any of these reviewers on everything, which is why I look for a multiple points of view. Just because a reviewer is unduly positive (or negative) does not mean their opinions are unwarranted or not wanted.
If I was to only have taken my cues from the negatives, I would not be here.


Reprojection is not 45fps it’s 90fps.


what did he say or do…? stop acting like such a crybaby whenever he comments ffs…


Can’t watch any of his review just for the “Woaaaaaaawwww Thiiiiis is Amaaaaaaaaaaaazing Guyssss”…
But no offense @SweViver , i still respect what you do. Its just not my cup of tea


I was in Amsterdam too. You can actually see me in the video Pimax posted, wiggling my head up and down wildly (I noticed no ghosting, if you care). Of course I only got the 5-10 minute Fruit Ninja demo which is a terribly small sample size, so you need to factor that in with what I am about to say.

I would have said it in more moderate language than SweViver uses, but the convergence issue was the only negative point I experienced, and it provided substantial improvements in several areas, be it sweetspot, sharpness/detail, SDE, FoV, Godrays. The recent videos suggest that the new lenses will offer less improvement for the sweetspot, and it will be 80Hz (which I actually did not notice even in more active moments, so I am almost confident that it will not be a big deal to me).

However, I would be very happy with the other major improvements I mentioned as they are about the primary attributes of a next gen HMD, not just secondary stuff.

I remember myself thinking that I even would probably be fine with exactly that V2, if this was what they would be shipping, assuming that you can get used to the convergence issue, and still would find the overall package to be a significant improvement over Rift and Vive.

It seems we can conclude that the 8K V2 may not have been comfortable for some backers due to certain individual conditions they have (out of range IPD, sensitivity to certain optical effects, etc.), while it seemed pretty much almost there for a number of others.

I for my part will be very happy to receive it, but obviously nevertheless hope that they can iron out all remaining issues for at least 90-95% of the potential users.

EDIT: So this means it makes all sense in the world to have mixed bag of reviewers, ideally from different ethnical background, test the 8K. They will have different inidvidual but also ethnical conditions. E.g. flat nose of Asians compared to long noses of Europeans, etc. etc… So if only Chinese beta testers wear the 8K, nobody might notice that many of us Europeans, etc. might have issues with the fitting around the nose, just to name an example.

And I would also like to see a mix of more enthousiastic, user-level testers like SweViver, Sebastian, VoodooDE, and the more critical, professional views of the Ben’s & Co… Ben might end up being too critical with all his knowledge, so I want to understand what an average Joe experiences in simple day2day use, but of course Joe might not spot points which are actually important after weeks and months of use.


Can we get a comparison between the Odyssey and your demo of the 8K? It’s probably tough to remember but basically I’m wondering about SDE, picture clarity (crsip), and brightness.


if Mehdi spleeps well then we too :slight_smile:


Well in the case of Pimax it just doesn’t make sense to me that they already had the ‘perfect’ HMD with V2, like SweViver pretty much said. Like Hopper above mentioned, his experience was far less than perfect. And like Jean-Mehdi noted, it’s also Sweviver’s style ‘evertyhing is soooooooooo greaaaaat’ that I really don’t like, although that’s probably just a matter of personal taste. Anyway I really doubt Sweviver is capable of giving an objective review and more importantly, giving Pimax suggestions as how to improve the product. We’ll see though.


if the PImax 8k is only a little better than the 4k I would be so happy


To be honest, I can’t wait to get my 8K to compare the Samsung to the 8K! Overall, I’m really happy with my Samsung … after making several minor adjustments to it to make it more comfortable and less light leak that is. Before I begin, please know that Pimax has made many changes since their V2 prototype since I tried it.

  1. The FOV was what Pimax said 200 degrees horizontal. I remember not being “WOW” over it initially but since then I really had a change of heart. The 110 FOV today is really cramping me and that’s the main reason I so very very look forward to receiving the 8K

  2. The Pimax 8K was more comfortable and lighter than it appeared. Much more comfortable than the Samsung. The demo used the head strap and not the enhanced version we’re suppose to receive. And, I have heard that later versions of the Pimax prototype added weight and such so … who knows now about comfort?

  3. I thought the resolution was just about identical to the Pimax 4k… which is actually better than the Samsung. Easier to read small text and see more detail.

  4. The video of the Pimax 4K is dark… too dark. The 8K was brighter than its predecessor. But not that vivid brightness I get from the Samsung. But again as I understand, Pimax made their video brighter since that prototype by adding additional LED’s behind the screen which in effect caused the controllers to lag. I don’t expect the 8K to have the colors ‘pop’ like the Samsung. I could be wrong about that… but I don’t really think so.

As I said before, Pimax was using VIVE controllers so there’s not much to compare there. Is there something specific you wanted me to compare that I missed? The overall sense for me… the resolution and the 200 FOV is what I’m after and very much looking forward too. I would be happy to sacrifice the “vivid” colors of the Samsung to achieve that capability as long as the Pimax HMD doesn’t add so much weight that it becomes uncomfortable.

The things that I see that worries people… refresh rate, FOV, stretching, resolution, etc… none of that concerns me. I think Pimax will get those resolved to satisfy the majority. What concerns me is the software that powers the Pimax system. It took Pimax many many months to resolve so many software issues with the 4K after I purchased it and to this very day I don’t believe the software is good enough to say… it’s done! While Microsoft Mixed Reality isn’t perfect… It’s been a dream compared to the software hell I went through with the Pimax 4K


Hehe The Pimax 4k, well much has been said about it, there were times that I liked it, but in the end it pretty much just sucks: No IPD adjustment so if your IPD is much different from about 62 you have a huge problem (higher IPD than 62 means cross eyed vision). We never had any good controllers for it so couldn’t play most of the games. Huge ghosting issue’s due to the slow LCD panel. Dull colours and low brightness because of the shutter glass. It never achieved the promised 4k native resolution and driver development has been just nothing short of horrible for the first year. If they can’t beat that, well then that would be something :slight_smile: