Quick update on M1 progress


I hadn’t had the ghosting effect. I was astonished about the good resolution and watching things in long distance. But why I sold it again was because of so many blue screens window crashes. I hope so much this will not happen again with Piplay 8K !!!


That’s not what it says here.


Honestly, you can fk off :slight_smile:



Can we please have an update on the following items:

1. Contests: The 8k VR Park
-Since the conclusion of the above Contests closed no winners have been anounced.

2. Input Resolutuons & refresh

  • we know the 8k supports 1440p/eye at 80hz stable. @aesopfabled inquired about 1080p/eye have you tested this to see if 90hz possible? Either way will 1080p(per eye for 8k) input be supported like 4k?
    -Results of testing new possible 90hz solution. (Presume it didn’t workout)

3. Supported Refreshes & Brainwarp

  • Is the plan still to support 60/75/80* ?
  • Has there been any testing of Brainwarp on the above refresh rates?

4. Headphone specs
-while headstrap pushed to q3? Has any details on Headphones specs/quality (maybe headset DAC etc)?

EDiT does the 5k & 8k still support the 4k headphones (dual jack input)indent preformatted text by 4 spaces

EDiT #2 Removed 4k Xmas Blk Friday Winners were posted


Hey Helio… I remember about a month or two ago in the 4K forum a Pimax rep (sorry, don’t remember which one) said that Pimax was going to release another update for the 4K to solve (or reduce) the ghosting in April. I remember you responding positively to that comment and was wondering if it was released yet?


A software update, do you mean? Or a change of display?


sorry bud, i am here for good…


Can we stop acting as if @SweViver is biased pls.
He had a positive experience and talked about it. Made a great video about it, for us. We should be grateful.
@VoodooDE had almost the same reaction, so did @mixedrealityTV.

Being positive is in his nature, he’s just exited about vr as we all are.


It was a MAJOR improvement to the 4K!!! Not a little… a whole LOT better!


I indeed think that some folks just dislike his style, which is being an excited puppy when he experiences something which is fun. Well, if you want to understand Youtube, being entertaining is one of the ways to succeed, and that is his style. If he just said all his stuff in monotonuous voice with very calm language, less people would tune in.

If you understand that, you will understand what he is saying. Even when he is actually critizing some aspect of a game, product etc., he typically has a smile on his face, and is likely putting it rather politely. But if you listen and read between the lines you see it is more nuanced than the first impression you might get of him suggests. So I for my part am quite keen to get his views too - as well as Ben’s. Ben might perhaps come up with a review sounding quite negative because e.g. the 8K naming is bs, and he needs to mention it because it is an insult to a tekkie, and the same may go for some other technical detail which Rift & Vive have sorted out but Pimax do poorly. But Ben will. And it might bug him. So you read the review and it sounds like a mixed bag, while in truth you might not notice some or even most of the negative points in your later experience.

Two different approaches, both have value in my eyes. I want to get to know both perspectives.


A bit vague as was said testing software & hardware. Hopefully the fix will benefit original 4k owners


I agree but the next person that tells me: mimimi but it’s not reallyyy 8kaaaay! Gets a slap in the face through the interwebs!


I don’t recall anyone using the word perfect.


@allocen you are the last of all on this page who would be entitled to say that.


any info on the refresh rate? are you able to get it above 85hz?


DK2 was a sit down experience not room scale.


Thanks for the update and good luck with the testings¡¡


I am surprised that why someone offense SweViver

If you look back, while the campaign still not be ended, some people are worried too much, someone cancel the pledge, but after SweViver testing and review the V2 (or V3) on his channel, the people has more confident and we get a lot of benefit from more stretch goal.

But when some people read negative feed back from v5 in CES2018, may you feel that his review is too hype.
I think you are thinking wrong because those negative feedback come from the new feature which be changed in V5 and it is not relate to old review of him.

And he can excited for this news too because the new headset still not send to each tester. xunshu write that “After testers receive the units, the team will have an in-depth discussion with them to evaluate the experience as a whole.”

If I am tester, I will have same exciting.


Thanks for the review. I think i had similar observations trying different HMDs and agree that FOV and resolution are probably my biggest wants.
I remember trying Space Pirate trainer in the Dell Visor. The resolution bump didn’t “wow” me at first since the lower FOV felt less immersive. Going back to the Vive the Resolution looked so bad, so I sorta appreciated it in hindsight. Same with the Rift, I didn’t realise how much clearer to the edge it was until I put my Vive back on. The Rift was a bit dim though and that’s what I noticed the most. I think whatever the 8Ks downside is we’ll just get used to it.


It took me a little time to find the thread…I had to go through all of Helio’s comments to find it (but I’m not a stalker :wink: )… I understood it to be a software update… but unfortunately later in that thread that I now see… there was a little rain on the parade with indication it would take longer due to the time being put into the 8K