Quick update on M1 progress


Well I use gear vr and its 60fps.

It was ok


He said wow and awesome.

You are not allowed to say that when reviewing.



LOL… he says it a lot… it’s almost (if not) his trade mark. I like the guy myself but I can understand where the hostility might come from. I’m from New York and I hate going to Tennessee. The people of Tennessee are way too friendly in the morning… They don’t understand the NY rule that you don’t say to EVERY stranger on the street “Good Morning” unless you know that person has already had his cup of coffee… damn it!!!


@Sweviver also says a lot of “…to be honest [any defect found]”. Is his trade mark too.


I don’t think anyone is attacking @SweViver or at least not myself.
We are all different, different background/culture/personality…
Got respect for what he does and all but i am more like @tomohm,i prefer when people are a bit less lets say…euphoric.
This does not mean i will not watch any of his reviews or don’t respect his opinion.


Come on, it’s not like we have to pay to see the reviews, let’s admit it, we’ll see all of them because they’re not so many either.

I plan to see them all, several times, very carefully and comparing images.

PLZ try to upload images or videos to youtube in 4k

Sorry for my english.


I dont know what your problem is @sjefdeklerk, but just because someone has a positive attitude and view on things, that should not be a reason to start aiming below the waist – its fine that you ask for critical reviews, the way you pursue others for having a positive perspective is, imho, not.
I can back dogbite in what he says, also the positive reviews (not only swevivers) where also my reason to back the project. If I just had negative type of reviews like some out there I would not have jumped in.
Guess you can be happy about the beer left in your glass or start wining about what is already out of it - but then dont be unpolite to others for it.


I dont think @sjefdeklerk is attacking Sweviver personaly at all. He just wants the right people testing these units for inherent flaws. Maybe a mix of youtubers with some industry leaders such as Ben from Road to Vr would be best. If this product goes out with problems it’s doomed

By the way if Sjefdeklerk and others were not on this forum from day one with their constructive criticism the 8K probably wouldn’t exist


Wow guys, take it easy :slight_smile: We are just a few short steps away from finally getting the Pimax 8K, Xunshu still confirms Q2 shipping and I assume that most of us in here should be excited. Or am I wrong?

This has nothing to do with the brand, the hype, biased or not - we can all agree that 98 out of 100 users that has tested the 8K in any v2-v5 prototype form, can confirm it’s way beyond any existing VR headset out there. Not only in terms of FOV but also SDE, resolution, godrays etc… From what I saw in v2, I have no doubts this headset will be a great unit.

BUT… have in mind we cannot expect a 100% perfect headset, neither during these tests or at launch. There will always be things to improve, just like with any other HMD out there. Lets not forget that, and lets be realistic.

Sure the beta tester team will probably find flaws and the only right thing to do is of course to report all those flaws or issues to the Pimax team. And once closed beta period is over you will all know about it. Full disclosure.

There is nothing to hide, and definitely no reason to lie or pretend. Tester team is there for a reason: Evaluate the unit, hard test it, find possible issues and report them so the Pimax team hopefully gets it fixed. And by testing im not talking about playing around for an hour or two and then do a simple review video or article. We have enough hands-on reviews already…

Now we want to try everything, and KNOW that it works before we even open our mouth. Why? Because thats what all backers are expecting, including myself. No more assumptions, its all about real tests and facts. This is not an advertisement campaign. If the testers lie - every backer will know that once the backer units arrive.

I don’t really understand all the scepticism i hear every day. From my point of view, being just another individual consumer (that happens to be an early backer), all I see is a small but very sophisticated company doing hard work developing a next-gen product soon available for everyone - long before any big company even starts to consider doing the same.

Being a VR enthusiast since Vive day 1, Im very excited about this headset - but if it doesn’t deliver its promises I will be just as disappointed as any of you, why wouldnt I?
So instead of starting conspiracy theories and paint the walls red, lets wait just a little bit longer, and soon we all know everything.

Having that said, I still gotta admit i dont really understand why the “bad” opinions in previous reviews always are taken more serious than the good ones. For some reason, if me including hundreds of people say “wow” and 5 other persons says “nah”, then Im automatically the liar, right? :wink: Just think about it for a second…

All I know is that we have something very exciting coming up. More exciting than anythig else. But its ok, you dont have to believe me. Because I smile, right? :wink:


I for one am super excited already and this extra polish will go a long way to help them be taken seriously instead of some small Chinese knockoff (no offence Pimax)
As many have already said, it’s a game changing device and we are so close to release.

Good luck with testing sir!
We await the reports from testing team.



You are… I’m not sure about the rest of us… but like I said before… I hope I’m wrong!!!


Nobody is talking about “Bad reviews”. Your review was all hallelujah while there was definitely also criticism to be voiced. It’s easier to say that everything is AWWWEEESOMEEEE than to really look at the headset and report the good things AND pinpoint the flaws. If V2 was really as good as you pretended in your review, why hasn’t Pimax released it back then? Your 'hallelujah" review just didn’t make any sense to me, that’s all.


Without critical assessments, Pimax will get the wrong impression that all is well.

Now, if all is not well and Pimax can be made aware of it beforehand, we can get something that won’t disappoint in key areas.

How about Pimax also send the 4K in it’s current state to the testers to put things into perspective because those whom own/owned it know Pimax’s strategy.


Its funny you point out that “industry leaders” apparently are the only ones being able to find flaws. The thousands of daily VR users, that probably has more experience in VR are blind and cant see flaws, right?

I may repeat myself, but any flaws mentioned was never found during the v2 prototype. With v3 having changed lenses and mechanics things started to go a bit to the left, flaws were reported and suddenly all v2 testers were called “liars” :grin: thanks for that.

And to even call someone an “industy leader” for running a commercial online magazine is probably more hilarious than anything stated so far. But hey we all belive in our gods :slight_smile:
One of the more popular gods nowadays seems to be the almighty Linus…lol

My advice would be to listen to people that really uses VR daily. Different headsets, all sorts if situations. Thats the people who know if the VR image has flaws once we they put on the headset.

Oh… speaking about experience. My teacher I had at Royal Institute of Technology for 3 years learned more from me being a Basic/C/C++ geek since age of 13, than I learned from him. And that guy had a dual pHD in Computer Science studying for more than a decade.
Just sayin…


While @sjefdeklerk may seem intense. He just prefers so see a reviewer also talk about the so to speak bad.

Truth as I know sj has a 4k & prefers it to other headsets ie Vive/rift/Deepoon E3. The 4k does have some big flaws. (Ie bad ghosting; even worst in latest piplay 3.x)

He’s just looking for a bit more substance in terms of hearing some negatives.

My review while not overly in depth i pointed out while its not ready “its miles above the 4k model”

He’s just stating that he wants to hear more than “hype”. Now that being said if sj had the opportunity to have checked out the v2 for himself; I am sure he would be very impressed but would also point out some nuisances that need improvement. Ie the ipd adjustments being worked out. Especially if you’ve followed some of his 4k discussions; you know he has a big head(well prob no surprise there :innocent:).


maybe sj can be one of the testers. I’m sure he would point out even the tiniest of imperfections./s. At very least he would not Fluff it up or over emphasize the good parts.


Apparently Pimax already knows who are Beta testers, so they could already inform us here who are the chosen ones. To avoid these criticisms for a single person. If anyone has to be criticized for the choice is Pimax itself.


Ah but Sweviver its not how energetic you were with the review. You helped hype the headset & because of folks that trust your viewpoint gave them confidence to back which is awesome.

While i don’t have the range of experience that i am certain you have with trialing headsets. I do share the idea that it’s going to be great based in my hands on experience with the v2.

If things seem to positive to be true; many folks natural reaction is it smells fishy.

@sjefdeklerk backed Nolo because it seemed to be a great project. But learning from that project demonstrated too much hype & not enough good & bad. (Well in this case pretty much non existent til you got yours).

In truth the reviews we have at present are only an idea of how good as these are based on limited hands-on; Short test times & limited content. These are more impressions then reviews. (Yes even Ben’s from RtVR)

The Beta on the otherhand, will give a real opportunity to do real full reviews by having more than short 10min experience times

Keep in mind @aesopfabled had concerns of my bias vs his on issues important to him. :innocent:

Now Sj & others might not demonstrate as much concern if you came across.

“Guys this is absolutely amazing; you really need to see it to beleive how good it is at this stage of development! While the team still has alot if work ahead of them before release like getting the ipd adjustment implemented. Imo we are in for quite the welcome treat when its ready”

It’s as it always is with humanity a matter of perspective based on experiences.


I love how passionate everyone is here.
At the end of the day the beta reviewers will submit feedback and people will complain.
Can never please everyone.

I’m just gonna sit and twiddle my thumbs till I can put a Pimax in my hands instead :stuck_out_tongue:


The reason it doesn’t make sense to you is because you insist on comparing Sweviver’s experience with v2 to Ben’s experience with V5. Perhaps if you consider that the v2 was assembled manually and (as stated by Pimax) the V5 was first off the newly established mass production line it might help you. Not only does it not surprise me that the v5 was a lot less tight in assembly because it was the first in the new process, it made perfect sense what happened when Xunshu explained the situation.
Neither Ben nor Sweviver were wrong in their experiences. Even Sebastion Ang choked on his words in a video after CES from a lack of understanding because he had not followed that critical point. He too had also experienced a similar positive experience in Amsterdam to Sweviver’s and yet I don’t see you here questioning his ability to offer “critical thinking”. Perhaps if you are going to be prejudiced you could at least apply it equally or maybe don’t prejudge at all and just judge the tester reports on their merits.