Quick update on M1 progress


Well keep in mind as @sjefdeklerk is a 4k owner & thus a backer of the 4k. His experience with the 4k will overshadow the 8k.

Like I said the 8k is miles ahead of the 4k but without seeing it oneself it can be hard to believe without some bad to contrast the good.


What some here probably don’t realize is that (I’m assuming, and also hoping) the Pimax crew sent you their QA process(or at least part of it) in order to help find flaws, which will probably remain confidential. I’m pretty sure they aren’t just saying “here you go, do whatever you want and make a video.” When given quality test cases and instructions, it’s hard to do things wrong. I’m sure they have an issue list of things that went wrong in previous prototypes, that could have been fixed in newer versions, but you’d still have to test those issues in the current prototype just to be sure it didn’t sneak back, software or hardware-wise.
You’re probably going to learn a lot! Maybe you can make two types of videos, a hardcore QA video, and then a more “SweViver Traditional” video that’s more ELI5 of Pimax vs (Insert any HMD).


Hey just re read your post nothing new released addresses the ghosting. In fact piplay 3.x beta that is out has been reported to have done the opposite & has drastically increased ghosting.

I believe @Enopho reported it something like used to have 2mm ghost it is increased to 5mm ghost. (Something like that)


Ouch, that’s not good. It’s issues like this which make me more than a little nervous about the 8K and its software.


From my exp with the 8k v2 its night & day to the 4k.

Truth & I’m sure those that have tried the v2 experience its hard to go back to our current headset(s).

It’s hard to wait for something new & shiny; even harder if you get to try an earlier prototype demonstrating strong potenial.

Or more simply “It’s hard to wait for the cookies; when they smell so good now!”


It was limited because of the camera. It did not hinder me walking around in the cockpit of my ship in Elite Dangerous.
It was not more a sit down experience than the Oculus rift without addition sensor.


Very exciting about this! Thank you!
Just a question: i’m an Oculus owner, i bet on Pimax 8K Full Package obviously… may be arrive first the headset, may i use it alone just for watching videos like in Big Cinema for example?
Next step… if yes has it some DOF to play sitted game like Elite with hotas? ^^’
Just while waiting for Base Stations and controllers… :slight_smile:


Pimax 8k uses steamVR/lighthouse so you need at least one base station to make it work. One bs is usually enough for seated games, so you should get one to play Elite while waiting for the full package.


My memory is a bit hazy, but was RoadtoVR the media outlet that published a multi-page round-up article on VR at CES 2018, but didn’t once mention the PiMAX 8K in that article, despite them having a prototype at the venue?

Edit - apologies, it was uploadvr


Could be, so you wanted to express your gratitude that they did not publish the bad news on the buggy V5 even more, other than the dedicated article and subsequent response to criticism ? Good point, that would have been quite a bummer if they would have rubbed it in to the casual reader not yet interested in the Pimax 8K specifically, if he got the negative word in another article…


For games like Elite, I read that you would be able to play without base stations, but that would limit you to rotational tracking only (like EDTracker - no positional movement). I sure hope so; I’d like to use my 8K to play Elite, since my Pimax lighthouse won’t arrive until Q3.


Thanks for the update Xunshu


Just tested that on my HTC Vive, and no it dose not work without base stations, will work with 1 base stations though.
Dose the pimax 8K have a gyro in it ?


Pretty sure it should have gyro & accellerometer.


Otherwise no1 without vive bs would benefit from receiving headset first


The 4K dose but dose the 8K ?


Same here. I use the 4K to play Elite Dangerous and it works just fine without a base station. Of course it doesn’t track my full motion just me head turns.


HTC Vive has a gyro but you cant use it without at least 1 BS.
Well I could not get it to work. :slight_smile:


Hey guys how did you find out who the testers are ? I mean you all talk as if @SweViver is a tester and @sjefdeklerk is not. How do you know, I missed some topics? If @sjefdeklerk is a tester then his opinion will balance the so believed goood-biased @SweViver 's opinion.

If @sjefdeklerk is not a tester, then dear friends, it’s time to think seriously about selling the backer status as soon as possible, while still it is possible.


Yes that makes sense. lets hope it dose work without BS.
Then again if it don’t some of us could get it a bit earlier :slight_smile:


Then we should be fine since the 5k/8k are modular & can support different tracking solutions.

Ie hand tracking module if i understand correctly cannot be used with lighthouse tracking.

So unlike the vive you should be able to use them without a bs.