Quick update on M1 progress


While I whole-heartily agree with having sjefdeklerk as a tester… I think selling my backer status over it is a leap I’m NOT willing to take!!!


For me it would be the last sign that this endeavor is not serious.

My question remains , does somebody know who the testers are ?



Thank you very much, you light on my hope!
And if i can use Elite of course i could see some video like in Big Cinema… I hope it so much… :slight_smile:



It has been stated many times that the identities of the testers would be revealed at the appropriate time. Specifically it has been said that this information will be presented once Pimax has confirmation of the NDA and receipt of the M1 test units by said backers.

What’s the rush about? We are nearing the finish line, so just cool your jets and all will be revealed in due course.

When it comes to Kickstarter projects and Venture Capital, patience is not only a virtue - it can be all that keeps one’s sanity intact.


As @Hessfire said. & as i said earlier if people know who are the testers; the community will be bombarding them with questions & requests. Til all the NDAs & test units received we might as well be constructive & wait patiently.


Then why all this wishy-washy discussions about SweViver ? It’s not me who was impatient. I just came in and saw everybody talks as if they knew something.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this. By the time we will find out who testers are it will be too late to sell my backery.


there are those in this forum that will buy your pledge right now. Contact @Scy0846.


Oops. Looks like Scy0846 buys everyone’s backery ? Or are they 846 distinct Scy’s ?


I’m not a tester. After all the work I did for Pimax, like developing the flasher tool, custom Firmware mods etc, I also imagined they’d ask me, but they didnt. Maybe my posts have been too critical lately. It’s ok though, as long as they did include someone like Ben from RoadToVR then I’m happy, I’m sure he’ll do a better job then I ever could. But if Pimax only asked those youtube type of reviewers, from who they already know that they’ll only write positive things, I too would be disappointed, I don’t think that would be a good sign at all.


Need to know ahead of time, whether the burglary involves travelling. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is it. I sell my backery.


Hehe I would suggest to wait and see, maybe they did ask people like Ben from RoadToVR. In that case it will be fine. But I too would worry if they’ve only chosen youtubers.


It’s all good, don’t worry about it because perhaps your relayed impression/suggestions would conflict with Pimax’s sugar-coat expectations. Really hope the chosen testers tells it like it is before the green-light to mass-produce gets underway.


Ben or pumcy would be great choices.

But I think SweViver may surprise you as well. With the v2 issues already being known; in a sense he didn’t need to drive the known issues home. His impression of “wow” or “ugh” was all that was needed. As a respected reviewer “Would you buy?” “Yes”

Even Lucky in his statements simply said “This is quite good” & “I want one”

Sure he could have highlighted what was not good; but why when its already been said about a prototype? Sure maybe a small validation of the issues might ease those who need to hear it over & over again.

All I can say is what I did. From trying the v2 even with the known issues; I would shelf the 4k. It that much of an overall improvement. But without the ipd working not truly ready 4 release. But in the ways that count makes the 4k obsolete in its current state.


If you remember Pimax 4K yotube campaign, all those bullshitters said about how wonderful the headset was, there were very few real users who uploaded reviews, despite the headset was being sold for long then.
So imagine that situation with no f…kin one who bullshitlessly would upload a review on youtube with Pimax 8K. It’s not trusty.


If the lottery commission would cooperate I’d buy yours & anyone else’s. :joy:

But they just never seem to want to give me the golden ticket.

But hard to say but if I was rich; i’d likely soon be poor. :dizzy_face::innocent::joy:


Who the hell is lottery commission ? Why don’t they cooperate ? Tell em time is short.

I have only a small spawn of time to sell my backery until people realize what they are in, so kick that commission and make them cooperate.


Those reviews were sponsored by Gearbest as i recall. Pimax has not yet sponsored a review by sending a complimentary headset to try out.

Most of the early 4k reviews were fluff unboxing reviews. It took me a month before finding a good proper review that gave me confidence in going for it. The review highlighted many issues like at the time “software feels only 70% complete” did feel some nausea etc. Found on reddit. Not to be confused with the laughable one where the fellow thought a gtx 660 was strong enough for vr. :v::sunglasses::beers:


Lottery ticket (gambling) lol


I would suggest to wait and see, sure they will.