Quick update on M1 progress


Then I am doomed with a probability of 1 to billions maybe. Well, inverse of it.


I feel the same so often don’t play.


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Haha, I have a friend like that. Most of the time he’s right with his assertions and predictions of things, it’s quite interesting how that works in our society :slight_smile: Contrary to what you’d expect he’s actually fun to drink a beer with LOL


It is called gut. Nothing to do with logic and sobriety.


Your guts are wrong this time. A little faith in mankind.


I agree… he’s building his brand. All he has going for himself is his upbeat quirky personality and his integrity. I don’t expect from him the professional scientific testing and a bunch of technological jargon and he’s never presented himself that way. … just a regular Joe looking to have VR fun… and I’m ok with that. There are others who present that side and I follow those reviewers as well.

Yea… SweViver will surprise them (or Pimax will :slight_smile: ).


Thanks for the confirmation! Yes, the 8K has accelerometers, so it should work much like my EDTracker, until my base station is delivered in Q3.


I know he can be intense at the best of times. But i have to say his post is likely an off beat apology of sorts.

I’m sure you’ve noticed he’s hook on concern now about the Beta test before we have seen any results. :v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles::beer:


Fixed #1 in Below Link. Can we have this info updated?


I promise you this is meaningless. Whatever Pimax did with their 90hz BE model worked. I had a signal that was 60hz and did not experience dizzyness. I now have a Samsung Odyssey that was also at 60hz because of the graphics card limitation, and I would get dizzy. Now that I’ve upgraded to a 1080 ti and am on a 90hz signal on the Odyssey, I don’t get dizzy. Whatever Pimax does in the BE headset worked with just 60hz and less.


I don’t know why you guys are worried about the reviewers. I don’t think any of them are going to have a problem ripping Pimax a new butthole if they experience something sub-expectation in the M1. I have a lot of confidence in this kind of review. If Pimax can get good with them we’ll all be in great shape.

oops, wasn’t really supposed to be a reply to you sjefdeklerk


Well, mixedreality has kinda lost me with the last couple of of videos, imo he’s too focussed on putting down HTC no matter what as the shitstorm that was the Pro’s price reveal garnered him some views. I know you guys don’t like to hear this but I’m absolutely loving my Pro and would recommend it to anyone, just not at the current price point.

I have to say I’m extremely disappointed that @sjefdeklerk isn’t one of the testers. Although his posts are crtitical, I always consider his input extremely valuable and he has a long standing and very informed relationship to Pimax and their products. It would have been him who could have told us just how much PiPlay has improved for the 8K and what lessons they learned from the 4K.


Maybe, if enough people ask, Pimax would be willing to expedite a headset to him from the second batch from the factory. Then we can read his review, while we wait (impatiently) for our headsets.


I share the sentiment with the surprise that he is not on board. There may be different reasons for that - once we know the list of testers, we may better understand the likely background.

If they only chose happy puppies as testers, then it would be because they did not want any more critical review at this stage, perhaps because they want to get the 8K out no matter what. Would not exactly be an encouraging sign, would it.

If they chose somebody like Ben however, it may be that they think that Sjef has developed a negative bias towards them (whether that is the case or not I cannot judge) and would want to avoid giving him the opportunity to hammer them.

And who-ever they appointed, if they messed it up, even the happy puppies will not pretend to be enthusiastic about it, so the major issue of their choice of testers arises in the scenario, where the 8K has some not so serious flaws: here the happy puppies would wave it through, while the Ben’s & Sjef’s would mercilessly flag all flaws. Then it would likely be a bit of a guessing game if we users, once we receive the 8K, will see our experience with the 8K be substantially impacted by such flaws or if they would be quite acceptable on the grand scheme of things. This will likely vary from individual to individual.

In short: only time will tell…


Still over priced but to be fair the picture on the zoomed odyssey vs VIVE PRO scene show a blurry picture for the odyssey where for the VIVE is sharp and yes you see more pixel but this is a trade off. don’t know if this is related to the lens or and image post processing or camera out of focus.

for the headphone I have the deluxe strap and the sound is excellent so this is a regression…


I was pretty surprised with that picture because it suggested a clear difference in picture quality I have not heard any reviewer comparing the two speak of - my guess is that something went wrong with the Oddyssey picture, otherwise we would have heard it a lot that the Vive Pro provides for a much better picture although utilizing the same screens.


What we need to consider is with an extremely small number of test units, the criteria they laid out should be strictly followed. @sjefdeklerk could certainly provide useful feedback for sure but has no review blogs with followers.

This closed beta is simply a pre full production launch; meaning that they likely feel close to be able to switch gears & ship. With that bring said reviewers are key due to their public exposure & skills evaluating headsets is a benefit.

Now if they were testing 50 to a 100 headsets then yes a broader range of testers would make sense. Plus if 10 is the target; I believe they mentioned having 8 so far.

After the closed testing is complete with hopefully the greenlight/thumbs up; we will be able to test & provide feedback ourselves once headsets start shipping.


Sure, but what you say would then mean that they would also include somebody like Tested or Ben, or even Linus (though not a VR expert). If they only have chosen the happy puppy style of youtubers, well… then I guess your statement needs to be completed as follows:

"With that bring said reviewers are key due to their public exposure,generally rather positive and less demanding attitude & skills evaluating headsets is a benefit. "

(I put it very diplomatically…)


In that case, why boring themselves with all this Beta thing ? They could just launch the production whenever they want. Reviews (Good or/and bad) before commercial release will exist anyway when backers get the HMD.