Quick update on M1 progress


Well, because in that case it is a) a sort of a minimum acceptance testing, i.e. if they cannot even convince those guys it probably really really should not be released yet, and b) simly marketing, because the youtubers will provide great free-of-charge PR for them.

This sounds awfully negative towards these youtubers - actually I do respect them and value their opinion, especially if they have a couple of days to play around with it on their own PC, because my thinking is that what they say is likely nearer to what I would say when having played around with the 8K for a week or so, than what Ben or Sjef would be saying.
I would not be looking hard to find the smallest flaws - after an initial, quick check for distortions, sweetspot, ghosting etc. I would be looking to experience the 8K with a positive attitude towards it, being curious how it enhances my experience above the Rift and Vive. Only if flaws disturb me in my experience would I be unhappy with them. The Ben’s and Sjef’s might be annoyed even by imperfections which insult them as tekkies. So they may then find it harder to ignore such flaws than I would find it.

This is the reason I am not going to consider such beta test, even if only performed by the happy puppies, useless.


Dose not matter who the beta testers are , If they get it wrong and say every thing is fantastic and WE the users find problems then its the beta tester that will get the fallout as well as Pimax.


Again a big presumption. As i said @SweViver will likely surprise you. There is a key differemce to evaluating an early prototype where the issues were already known to evaluating what might be the final version if testers green light it.

I said reviewers which does not just include youtubers, What it really comes down to is we should wait instead if exploring ridiculous presumptions. We only know 2 confirmed testers due to it being leaked.

Choosing testers that would only promote the headset ready or not; would only hurt them long term and that’s a fact. Once all backers receive the headsets it would potenially cripple the consumer release. If they did your presumption.


Again your ignoring the fact that users like pumcy from Tom’s Hsrdware have not been selected. As for @benz145 has he backed a headset? If so then yes he too might have been selected. The key here is we only know atm 2 of the testers.

So lets not think like mirq & keep positive instead of making presumptions that ignore the requirements the pimax team laid out for testing.


@xunshu a week ends Update would be awesome at this point in the line

  • guess everyone’s near to explosion from anticipation and some updates in word or picture once a week would be greatly appreciated!


I didn’t post here for a long time. Simply there was no need for it. No much news or you rest of the community already mention it.
But, now I want to make point of some issues. First of all, I’m considering Pimax8K as a device for more serious playing like flying flight sims or driving one, especially sims demanding like DCS where every pixel and degree means something in the game. Matter of life or death.
I was first tried with chose of DCS as an example for CES but then I was warning Devs need to be properly prepared and the wrong presentation could make opposite effect. That has happened exactly on CES presentation.

What is going on with cooperation with Eagle Dynamics? Wags, one of ED PR’s, mentioned this and share with the DCS community ED’s general will for cooperation on this. Wags also mention how they don’t know exactly what Pimax specifically whants from ED so they could not inform DCS community with details about it. After that initial initiative, I didn’t see any further news about it after almost half of the year. I’m afraid we are here at the starting point.
DCS as itself it is not the issue here but as the most demanding game if this will work good in DCS in other titles like Elite dangerous or Project Cars, for example, can perform even better. So even if you are not interested in DCS in your interest is to polish Pimax8K with DCS requirements to be sure will perform well with your favorite title which you are playing daily.
@xunshu or some other dev read this. It is important for the success of the product. You can’t properly test such hi-end product like Pimax8K by slashing fruits or watching fishes in the deep sea.
I need shart and clear picture to read instruments in my plane or car, to spot my enemy on time in the distance, to see on time where the track is going on high speed to improve my timing, to spot an enemy who hides in bushes stocking me, in one word to be competitive in everyday multiplayer gaming. That is the market for Pimax8K not Fruit ninjas, even game like Skyrim VR is short breath. It is a great experience but just for that even cheapest WMR is good enough.

Time is not an issue here take whatever time you need to make this product great otherwise will be pointless and missed great opportunity to become a leader in VR. Potential is here don’t mess it up. Correct some stuff when still is not to latte.


Right, Pimax needs to make the 8K as good as it can possibly be. This is their 1 chance to become a real leader of VR.


Indeed pilot/driving sims is where the fov will really sell if all is done right.


Hi guys I have been keeping an eye on this forum but I have not seen any information about what is happening with the controllers . Are they shipping with the headset?


Controllers on last report eith lighthouses projected q3 for potenial shipping.

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Cheers Heliosurge , let’s hope it’s early Q3 . I only have a oculus rift .


Indeed though keep in mind sitdown or regular game controller experiences will work fine.

I only have the 4k but do have a razer hydra.


Yes I am going to play Alien Isolation if is works .


If oculus is nice like vive (probably not) you might be able to use your oculus controllers without a headset by editing a config file.

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Sebastian’s review is definitely one I will be looking forward to.


I don’t see the problem with @SweViver is chosen one. It is a logical choice. He is Backer with 1400$ and one of the first. He made great PR to Pimax8K on his Youtube channel in Kickstarter campaign. This is also positive for rest of us. A man got his Youtube channel, he is participating here in discussions so we will good to him as well we could ask him to show us something on his Youtube. Of course if and when Pimax alow to publish it.

This is positive for all of us. I don’t know who is the second one but I’m hoping it is Sebastian for same reasons.


There are total 8 testers, I don’t know why we have to be serious too much about 1 or 2 testers.

Reviewing is different from testing and this is private testing, not public reviewing. They can tell all issues to pimax directly without worrying about other people to know about the issues and that is good because it will not make some people to have more panic.

If tester hide the issues, it look like they are discredit themself by let pimax to launch the bad product later.

When I got refer to test IMAX VR, I try to test starvr and write the news, I don’t said too much about that headset. But when I review it in my private group, I can tell all of con of the headset.


The progress are new lenses without distortions (as seen in the videos) , fixing of the tracking issues and a new led-backlighting system which makes the screen brighter.
IMO that’s not to bad since the other major problems have been fixed befor (exept of the refresh rate issue which doesn’t bother me).

Maybe you are way to pessimistic ?
Why would they lie to us ? They have our money already ? They would doom their self’s because who will buy their HMD in the future if it sucks ?
Why would they choose people who don’t review it properly ? We can’t get a refund anyways ?
It would hurt them and the Youtubers who praise them to hard in long term. They wouldn’t sell shit if the first reviews after the “staged” ones are bad. Not a good business practice or ?

@mirq What do you need to see that they would harm them self’s with faked reviews ??


My point still stands ?
The will recieve bad press after the first units are shipped to backers if its “that bad” and the Youtubers who reviewed it wrong will lose all their credibility forever.
I don’t think that’s gonna happen but you are of course allowed to have your own opinion.
Maybe I’m to optimistic, but then your a little bit to pessimistic.
I think whatever we’re gonna get it will be somewhere between both of our expectations and I will be happy with the step up over the Vive for sure.

IMO they tried out the v5 in the expectation that it would be the finished product but they had some problems and couldn’t resolve them in time for the CES. Then the bad reviews came in and they were cough of guard by them.
They didn’t try to hide them… they wanted to show the product as it should be when it finished and that’s what they advertised from the start.
Then people reported the differences and they made an apology post and said that they will fix it which is what has been done for the last months.


I of course dont know if it will be diffrent this time but im looking forward to find out. I hate the artifical slow down of improvements that’s HTC and the other big companys are doing just to milk the customer’s.
This isn’t a product for the common consumer. It’s a product for the enthusiasts and the early adopters. I think we will get enough critical reviews from RTVR and Tested after the Pimax is shipped.
I understand your concerns as money is money and that you are selling the pledge but I think you should also understand why many people are hyped and hope for the best and are also expecting a very good HMD.