Quickstarts to upgrade plan

Keep base station and opt out of controller?

I’m sorry that we don’t have this plan yet.

@Matthew, thanks for responding.

I already know this. It was pretty clear when ALL the ‘upgrade’ options required giving up my stretch goals. I’ve also been very unambiguous in my posts that I understand that ‘Current Owner’ is my only option.

There was a time when I was so disillusioned from the kickstarter that I just wanted to get what Pimax OWED me and just be done with it. And then the 8kX became more than a figment of some engineer’s imagination and it was good. Damn good. Good enough for me to think I could give Pimax money again when my gut is telling me “don’t do it”. I believe in the technology and I want to support you guys, but you’re making it very, unnecessarily hard.

This backer upgrade program is a bit of a disaster… and you know it is. Otherwise, Robin would not have written that ‘wall of text’ update #49 with the uncomfortable, vulnerable parts.

Please get your act together and not give me a compelling reason to hold onto my money.

Please get me a ‘promo code’, so I can use my downgrade credit and full package deposit in the ‘Current Owner’ option, you can take me money, and I can feel like I’m not a schmuck for giving it to you… again.

Thank you for your reply.

Please go to the helpdesk to ask for help. If you have created a ticket, please let me know the number. I asked the team to help you, thank you.

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Sorry i dont get it.
I am early backer with a 5k+ at home. am i now backer or loaner ?
and if i decide for an upgrade plan, do i have to sent the 5K+ back.

@Matthew.Xu, I do have a ticket. It’s > 72 hours and no response.

@TrevorVR I see on the discord channel that you have been told that backers CAN NOT use the ‘Current Owner’ option even though @Matthew.Xu has told us we can. @Matthew.Xu had told me via PM that I can get a promo code for my $100 downgrade and $300 full package deposit to apply towards the ‘Current Owner’ option. It seems that we have conflicting stories going on here.

@Matthew.Xu, please tell us what is going on. You told me I could use my downgrade credit and full package deposit towards purchase of an 8kX, without giving up my stretch goals.

Is Pimax strong-arming backers into an egregiously lop-sided deal to make even more money off of backers?!?

You must state in no uncertain terms what options backers have to use their $100 credit and $300 deposit towards purchase of an 8k+ or 8kX, without giving up stretch goals.

If the answer is “none”, then JUST SAY SO!!

@Hoodathunk yes, I don’t know what’s going on

what is the difference in standard headphone edition versus deluxe?

Quality, obviously. Standard version are just small speakers above your ears, while the deluxe model is more like a proper set of headphones. Manufacturer of those are yet unknown.

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So what ones do backers get ?

@TrevorVR Pimax is playing a ‘shell game’ with backers over the stretch goals. They refuse to explicitly state that you must give up stretch goals (excepting eye-tracking) in order for you to use your $100 downgrade credit and $300 full package deposit, because they know the optics on that are just plain bad.

They only state that Plans ‘A’ through ‘D’ are a backers only option for applying credits and deposits.

And, oh, BTW, all plans require you to opt out of stretch goals.

@Matthew.Xu, please state explicitly that backers must give up stretch goals in order to apply any credits and/or deposits towards a new head set.

Just own that this is what you’re doing.

Just say it so we can all make an informed decision and move on.

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Hi, sorry but i must be getting old, and can no longer figure this stuff out.
I have the 5k+, which i downgraded from an 8K during the 1st round of “We bit off more than we can chew”
After having that replaced as DOA (Sad about DOA, but happy with support), im trying to figure out what ‘upgrade’ to get.
I went for headset only at the time, now im looking into controllers, unfortunately i cant seem to find a retailer in Australia for just the index controllers, and cant work out through PiMax if I’m meant to be selecting an upgrade, or just waiting for the official controllers to come out.
Any Advice?

I can’t get Index controllers in Canada right now either. I also didn’t pledge a bundle.
The option is given ONLY for those with pledges (already containing bundled Pimax controllers and bases) to swap them, because of delays .
They aren’t selling Index controllers in the Pimax store and wouldn’t expect them to when making their own.

I too must wait as I only need 2nd gen controllers (have Wands but hate them) and I have bases. Can’t get Index controllers a la carte or with bases. Don’t want Sword and would have bought them in a heartbeat, if they had left the dam mini-stick in the design. Since I have a 5K+ credit, I will wait on Sense. Not that I have an option right now. Hope they do a good job on them.