Quorra Team for customer support



Hi Futurists,

Happy New Year!

In order to better serve everyone, in order to better help everyone solve issue in a timely manner.

We have established the ‘Quorra’ team for the purpose of quick response and timely service. I hope that the

Quorra team can provide timely feedback and solve your troubles.

Here is our work plan for the Quorra team:


Starting today, if you have any doubts and suggestions, please contact @Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang

@Alan.sun @Doman.Chen and I. If you have any questions, please click on Support and submit the

service desk, we will resolve it for you immediately.

If you are Kickstarter backer, please contact support@pimaxvr.com directly if you would like to change the


Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,


Great Pimax Support experience



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@Matthew.Xu welcome back. Hope all is good!


@Matthew.Xu welcome back, can you check about vr park winner announcement? xunshu tag you in my inbox. thanks.


Hi, what is the best way to find out if our hmd has shipped from your warehouse / China yet?


Tag the correct person from Pimax


I will announce this later.


The best way is to get the tracking number when the goods are are sent from the factory.


That defeats the whole purpose of knowing when our HMD will be shipped from your facilities.

Look in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program. I assume you’re using one outside of excel.


@Doman.Chen already seriously helped me out today, thanks!


Sorry, I used the wrong word.



No, that is not what I asked - please stop evading and answer the question. Please tell me the best way to find out if and when pimax has shipped my hmd from it’s warehouse in china. I have asked via an email to your support address but received no answer (which seems to be a common issue for other backers too) so I am now asking you how I should ask such that I will get an answer. Once you have told me the best way to ask, valid answers would be YES and DATE SHIPPED or NO.


How did you ask and what did he help with?


I have not avoided your question. If there is anything that makes you misunderstood, and I am sorry.

Please give me you backer number, I will check for you morning.


I am backer no 80 and would like to know where my 8K headset is.

emailing support does no good you do not get a reply.
I was good enough to correct Pimax mistake in sending me the wrong headset and passing it onto another backer, all done through pimax support.
They then said my headset would be in the UK warehouse during the week 19th Dec.

Since then i cant get any respone to my emails.



I have written down your question, I will reply you this morning.


Thank you Matthew



I feel sorry for you man !
Your case is even worse then mine :frowning:

I’m Backer #496
@Matthew.Xu as @ironyman said I asked support and your staff many times for information about my shipment, and I never had a correct answer, only “please wait”, that is ABSOLUTLY NOT GOOD ENOUGH, we want to know exactly WHEN our headset was dispatched to the warehouse, WHEN it is due to delivery to the warehouse, and HOW to track it ourself without bothering your support team. NO communication or BAD communication is very negative for your image.