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Is it not afternoon there now ?

Here is what support said on the 19th Dec, and im still waiting for a reply.

Hi friend,

We have shipped your headset to the UK warehouse and it will arrive at the warehouse this week.

We will deliver your package when it arrives at the warehouse.

Please be patient .

Have a nice day!

Best regards,

Pimax Support

Can you at least please give me some sort of answer that has more information than the general copy/paste of we will give you tracking number etc etc.



Hi, we have sent you an email about this case, please check it and reply us, thanks.


@Pimax-Support @Dallas.Hao said yesterday I should have received my tracking number already, but I still don’t, can you send it to me via private message and email ? backer #496 and still no headset in sight :sob:



WOW Thanks so much for you reply ,I want to add Leap motion to my Backers order ,how do I do that ??
As a backer how do I order ? also I want to pay with Paypal
Backer No 6164
Thanks Mathew


They stopped posting tracking from main facility to warehouses as it caused too much confusion

When your region’s warehouse has received & process inventory tracking numbers to backers will be sent to individual backer.


Yes I am aware of the history - but IMO that was a very poor way to avoid causing confusion. They should simply put all the relevant info in the “it’s left the Chinese warehouse” email explaining what will happen next. Then they would lave less disgruntled backers creating a stink and taking up their time.

Also, FYI my headset just turned up this afternoon out of the blue - no tracking info or anything from the local carrier (DPD) which makes me wonder whether Pimax may not be giving them email info (although I can see they did pass on phone number so DPD could have texted at least).

I think that generally people are far more understanding and tolerant if they are given full information instead of being left in the dark, getting annoyed and hatching all sorts of conspiracy theories!


Which headset did you receive? I think the warehouses might have areas needing improvements as your not the first to receive headset without tracking number being received.



you are so right ! I totally agree with you on all points of your answer


5k+ UK.

“might have areas needing improvements”

That’s one way of putting it! I generally get that this is a kickstarter, that Pimax is a young company that is learning on the job and that they are pushing various technical boundaries and I was fully aware of potential delays or of the possibility of never seeing a finished product. What I find strange is the easily avoidable pitfalls that they have found themselves in such as the lack of communication that ultimately has caused them more grief and so one would think they would have been motivated to avoid.

I guess i’ll move on to the next part of the Pimax journey when I get to unbox…


Just remember as you said young company of less than a 100 employees. With the currently Expanding with new US team member there on the right track. Just need time & resources fill in the gaps.

@yanfeng’s recent post also helps to have a further understanding that things are changing & it’s taking time for changes to be adapted to.

Congrats on receiving your 5k+! Look forward to review! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Hi @Matthew.Xu

Ok so support have now told me that the hold up for my headset (2 weeks) was because they dont have one with a UK plug !

This raises the issue of why does Pimax not supply a multi power supply that does at least all EU markets, they are widely available and would make shipping a lot easier.

Why did it take 3 emails and posts on this forum to find out the problem.

I have replied saying that i will accept the 8K with the euro plug as i do have a travel adaptor, but this is far from perfect, they are not stable in use and any slight pulling from the cable is going to cause problems. I asked support for the spec of the power supply so i could source one, but was told they are told hard to get hold of. So i have also asked that Pimax send me directly a replacement UK power supply.
I am still waiting for a reply from Pimax to the shipping of a UK power adaptor.



Sorry for the inconvenience.

Record your questions. I will record the questions that need to be confirmed in forum today, and I will reply to you after confirmation tomorrow.

Thanks for your understanding.


Others have had luck using universal power adapters. I believe they just need to provide 3A, but someone with a Pimax can confirm.


Thanks @DrWilken

But Pimax would not even supply me with the spec of the power adaptor, its ok getting the right power output but you also need the correct adaptor plug size and parity, which i dont know.

Even a lot of cheap products from China give you a power supply that is for all EU countries now, thats apart from HTC, TOMTOM etc etc, why Pimax have chosen to go to may different power supplies is just bad planning.



Found the thread I had in mind with the power adapter here.

Lots of universal power adapters let’s You choose polarity and of course comes with different plug sizes.

That’s the whole idea :wink:

As mentioned in the thread it’s apparently 12V/2A, so get at least that if You decide to buy a universal adapter.

Here’s a few pictures of the plug.


Wb @Matthew.Xu :smiley: Very nice!


Here’s the 5k+ adapter spec:
12vdc, 2.0a max output, 3.5mm external (~1.3 internal), Standard polarity (positive on inside)

Easy to source


Awesome contribution, for the replacement power unit go with ATLEAST that 2 amps, or 2000 mA, to be safe. Too much amps wont hurt, but too low or too high voltage will.


@Virtualmisterl if you have the possibility or will to, please measure the current draw too.
Edit. My bet is around 800mA


That’s a very easy to source power supply. I don’t understand why Pimax would say differently.