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@TrevorVR I’m happy to check this but I need to dig out my other multimeter (in my shed somewhere) as i cant check DC current on this one.
I will see If i can find it tomorrow


Hi @Virtualmisterl

Thank you very much for that information.

It seems the FU version (2 pin) is easy enough to get hold of, but the FB (uk) model not as easy.
The power and amps should be easy enough to source, but its making sure it has the correct adapter.
Once i finnish work today i will do some web searching and will see if i can find a replacement.

and for those interested here was Pimax reply when i asked them about the spec of the power supply.

We just confirmed with our supplier of power adapter who said that it’s little hard to purchase a reasonable power adapter locally, but he suggested that you’d better purchase a " travel plug adapter" similar as this one:

Once again not answering the question asked, and just pointing to a cheap and not a great solution



Can you send me your backer number and email address via private message .
I need these two information to check the record.Thank you ~


@Dallas.Hao is Pimax having issues supplying UK type plugs ?
If that is the case i don’t mind getting one with european plug.



I dont think so mate (or hope not)

I’m still trying to get my 8K sorted after i gave the 5K they sent me in error to another backer all those weeks ago lol



yeah i remember that story lol…
Feel sorry, you should have kept it until getting your 8k imo.
Hope you get it sorted soon, if the issue is the plug it’s better letting them know that we don’t care :slight_smile:


To be honest mate you was second on that list that Pimax had.
You may not have felt so sorry for me then lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I have sent Dallas an email and will wait and see what he says.
But on Pimax track record if there was a shortage i dont think they would tell us.
Paying £10 to get an adaptor and your headset weeks or months earlier, yea i think we would all take the EU one



I wonder if this one would work, it says the plug is 3.5mm x 1.3mm not 1.35mm


I do know i was second on that list at that time but its fine :slight_smile:


Most likely will as the female plug’s connector is kinda spring loaded.


I have not heard back from Dallas yet so dont know the situation of my headset, so im stioll looking incase, also there have been a couple of dead power supplies so i will keep looking.

I have found a few that have an angled plug and from what i remember of the 5K was it might cause issues plugging into the adaptor plug/lead.

I have found this company though that do web/ebay and amazon


I guess it’s not a hugely popular adapter size but still not too hard to find.
looks like either of those which you found would be fine.
It’s about 1.3 internal so anything close to that would fit.
Internal size should be be pretty standard to external size.
I had a quick search of Amazon & had a few suitable UK ones come up. Heres 2 that would fit & be next day delivery.

edit as I uploaded an incorrect picture
Although maybe now is too late to get the headset with euro adapter so you may be waiting on a UK version now.
It would have been better if pimax could have asked you about this as I think most people would be happy to source their own adapter or travel adapter, rather than waiting more weeks


Think you may have included your post code there? Not sure if you are fussed, just pointing it out :slight_smile:


I would take any other country cable shipped with the pimax headset, cut it to keep the cable and headset plug part, just remove the alimentation part to remplace it with a standart DC12V 2A+ from my country, check the polarity when solder and voila ! a 5 minutes clean job. I wouldn’t care at all to do it myself if I can receive my 5k+ weeks or even months sooner…


Not sure. But a travel adapter for low powered wall psu should work.

Though some have had some nice ideas using sata/molex adapter to supply the 12v removing the need of an extra wall plug.

Similarly an old quiet small low watts computer psu could be used to power a variety of 12v & 5v electronics alike.



5k+ runs at less than 500ma even running a game.
Would need a bit extra for add on modules but I doubt much more


Current draw is surprisingly low, nice to see Pimax included an adapter with some headroom.
The inner contactor is positive, yes?


EDIT I have tried this adapter & 2 other USB 5v to 12v with 600MA, 800MA & 1Amp @ 12v output & the headset will not power up.
After measuring the current draw from a USB voltage tester, it is building the current, tries to power on but seems to be cut off by the converter possibly due to trying to initially draw a higher current on startup.
It would possibly need to have the current split over 2 USB 12v up converters over 2 USB ports or even be jump started by a mains adapter lol!
I have not tried this YET! Lol

Yes correct. I suspect the 8k will be a little bit more.
The current being this low now makes this one a viable option for me to lose a plug socket :slight_smile:


The current draw @ 5V is about 1A if I’m not mistaken. + some loss


This one converts 5v 2a into 12v 0.6a. There is prob a little headroom on that too