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I have completed it many times… I have entered all the information. I am even told that I have taken the survey, but then when I try again later it lets me take it again. The survey is broken.


Hi Dallas,
Backer 6762 here. I’m also showing as not responding. Can you please check for me?


This #SUPEN-869 Was NOT answered 2 day ago, you HAVE JUST DONE IT NOW AS I HAD THE PAGE OPEN.

That still dose not tell me If you recived My survey.


I have entered the information for the survey into SUPEN-918. The survey is ‘forgetting’ my responses it seems. Can you try for me to see what I mean?


@Dallas.Hao by the way I selected 5k+ on the survey


@Dallas.Hao SUPEN-1057


I hope this means completed , why not English ?
Your request status changed to Resolved with resolution 完成 .

Translations of 完成

完成, 完毕, 毕, 成, 竣, 赅


完成, 做到, 达成, 办到, 成, 成事


履行, 满足, 完成, 落实, 兑现, 实践

carry through

贯彻, 完成


履行, 满足, 完成, 落实, 兑现, 实践


完美, 完成


结束, 完成


i am backer 2595 confirm plz @Dallas.Hao


i send email too about my information to support@pimaxvr.com


Please check your service desk question


We confirmed and responded to the survey. Please confirm whether you received the contents.


@Dallas.Hao SUPEN-1068 Check Please


Backer 2392

I emailed support to check if they had my details and they responded with please be patient will ship soon. I’m not in a rush, but I do want to make sure my details are correct. I backed 8k and I’m sticking with it so hopefully I’ll get the right headset.

@Dallas.Hao could you please confirm that you have my survey response and that you do not need any more information from me. Is there any way to email me what you have so that I can check it?


Well let’s hope it’s not this one then :wink:


Could you please check SUPEN- 873.
I put in more screenshots. Thanks you


Dear Neander,

I just searched the SUPEN you submitted, and it has been closed.

Does the customer service staff have solved the problem for you? Thank you.


Hi Matthew.

After sending all the screenshots i didnt get a response back yet and now the SUPEN-873 Is closed.
Do you know what decision had been made?


Wait a moment, please. I’ve assigned our technical support staff. He’ll help you deal with it right away. Thank you


hey matthew, the support page on the pimax website isn’t loading anything for me


There is also a support interface at the top of forum. Can you try it?Thank you.