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Yes, will be sent before the end of this month.


@Matthew.Xu I just read this subject.
Do I need to submit a support ticket like you explain here and give you the supen number for the error in wrong model delivered ?


@Matthew.Xu I want to change my kickstarter pledge for my controllers to thumb sticks (instead of track pads). Who should I message?


@Matthew.Xu Please can you view SUPEN-1213 if possible.



Any questions you can submit to SUPEN, our team will solve for you as soon as possible.


你好,还没收到货,没收到发货email,SUPEN-1677, support@pimaxvr.com ,Please Check


Backer #2358 - selected 8k with 2 controllers and 2 base stations

I finally found the shipping spreadsheet, and I am listed on the “to overseas warehouses”, but there is a 1 in the 5k+ column. I definitely selected the 8k in the questionnaire. How do I go about correcting this error? I have already submitted a support ticket. I don’t expect a response, since they didn’t respond to my previous ticket.

SUPEN-1851 @Dallas.Hao



Still waiting for an answer on SUPEN-873.(backer 1150)
I also asked many times here on the forum but i get no answers .
Im a patiënt guy but waiting for over a month now i do think this is not how backers(or any customer.) Should be treated


Aaaannd…I just received the wrong headset, so I guess my ticket didn’t mean anything.

How do I return this incorrectly shipped 5k+ so I can receive the 8k that I ordered? Please help me, anyone, as it appears that support is mostly AWOL and I don’t want to get stuck with this one.




You can send your 5K+ to me and I can send you my 8K when it arrives :wink: Last I checked they had ignored my request to switch.


The thing is, I actually refused the 5K+ offer on the questionnaire and made sure I would receive an 8k, then submitted a support ticket to correct the order when I noticed my backer number next to a 5K+ on the spreadsheet. Then I sent another support request when I received the incorrect HMD somehow despite the fact that my backer number is still listed in the spreadsheet on the “To Oversease Warehouse” in the 5K+ column.

I made a rule after the Zano failure on Kickstarter that I wouldn’t back anything above $150, and I broke the rule for this one. Now, I’m starting to think I should just swear off Kickstarter entirely.


OK, now I’m listed as “Shipped” in the spreadsheet, and I just received a shipping email.

Unfortunately, the email contains the same tracking number as previous (for the incorrect headset), and the shipment was already received earlier this month. I’m ready to ship the 5k+ back, but I’m starting to get a bit worried.


I can PM you “their” address and then you can wait for “them” to ship you the 8K. :joy:

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