[RdToVR] Feelreal Scent Haptic Mask


Looks like Smell is indeed coming to VR!

@Dallas.Hao you might want the team to look into FeelReal.


Feelreal multisensory VR Mask, is this the Pimax Scent accessory?

Hmm question is… do we really want it? Do we need it? Not sure how accurate the scent is going to be in emulating different stuff and I can’t imagine the smell that comes out when playing boxing games… Your opponents armpits?


Really comes down to choosing appropiately. Zombie games 4 example your not likely gonna want scents. But relaxation games might be a good addition.


Here is a new scent mask for VR, do we have any idea who is supposed to make the one Pimax promised us in kickstarter a year and a half ago?


Good point… But the form factor is a bit of a concern since anything blocking your nostrils will definitely fog up the lenses. Also, I think a facial capture system is much more useful since you’re bound to interact with other people in a lot of VR applications.


Indeed & while pimax has a good mic placement that mask does seem kinda big. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

But might be able to be smaller with BT & battery removed. Hard to say.


Instead of that, this is what I desperately need


Hi there!
We are working with a professional olfactologist and acclaimed perfumer Boghdan Zubchenko who’s creating the aromas based on natural ingredients similar to ones used in VR industry.
We don’t have any gross smells like armpits or anything like that. Since Feelreal is a Multisensory VR Mask, in boxing games you will be feeling vibration when the opponent punches you in the face!


In fact, Feelreal is not blocking anything. It’s mounted over the headset and there’s plenty of room between player’s face and the Mask. Also, it has 2 powerful micro fans that will destroy the lens fog.


We have a Zombie smell in our library, but it’s not too gross to make you sick. Also, Feelreal has an Aromatherapy app and vast collection of Aromatherapy scents to make relaxation and meditation more immersive.


Seems like you’re aiming at a very niche market there. Would it be possible to add in other functionalities like stereo mic with pop filter embedded, temperature control, force feedback? The thing about niche market is that it caters to a very small number of enthusiasts, and small demands oft times also means high price. So giving more bang for the buck, as they say, would give incentive to potential consumers who maybe interested in other aspects of the device, other than its primary selling point, to purchase.

Just my 2 cents.


That’s awesome. I myself think scent is one of the extras to add immersion.


In fact Feelreal Mask is not only smells.
We have hot and cold wind effects, water mist and vibration/punch simulation.
Also, Feelreal Mask’s powerful micro coolers help get rid of the lens fog in your intense game rounds!


OK, now it sounds promising!


@Feelreal Is there any chances you add a camera for facial animation?

Here is one company doing it, you should contact them.

Add a good microphone that is better than the one in the HMD and you have a winner product that will be the only accessory any VR enthusiast will need in front of their mouth.

Don’t forget passthrough USB-C, we still need to have a usb port for the leap motion module Pimax promised us.


No, now we’re not planning to add anything like this :slight_smile:


The kickstarter is online if anyone is interested.
Considering i am more interested in wind, mouth camera and microphone, i won’t be backing this product but i will follow it closely.


Thanks to your amazing support, Feelreal Multisensory VR Mask was fully funded on Kickstarter in one hour! :tada:

At the end of the launch day the Mask nearly quadrupled its goal, with 29 days of Kickstarter campaign left to go. We deeply appreciate your trust!

Keep following this page to get more news about our Kickstarter campaign!

And don’t forget to pledge for your Feelreal Mask if you missed yesterday’s rush hour :arrow_right: http://17.kck.to/e2NM4VR/


@Feelreal What smell should I expect to get were I to stand close to Paarthurnax’s arse?


We have a smell for the whole dragon, not for some parts of it XD