RE replacement rma?



I have bad cracks on my 5k+ and I waited for the announcement to get some informations but they didn’t come.
Will it be possible to ask a 5k+ RE as replacement from a 5k+ RMA? If yes, when will we be able to ask it and how much will it cost?
Last question: can we keep at least the original facial shape if we’re not interrested by the new Vision one?

@PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu


I am in same situation here, from France too!


No, Kevin already said that you ll be sent back the same model.


That’s unfortunate. I was ready to pay extra money to get 5K+ RE through my cracked/faultive 5K+ RMA, but i won’t spend more money for yet another headset. I have only one head, not 2!

Overall, shipping costs included, doing a 5K+ RMA, having all backer items shipped and then getting a RE…
is really bad (money and ecology) comparing to
RMA the 5K+ and having a RE and backer items in one shipping.

But no, Pimax company won’t listen…


Same situation here. After all they propose an “upgrade program” where we’ll be able to change a 5k+ to a 8k+ or 8kx. So why the hell shouldn’t we be able to upgrade to 5k+ RE???

Pimax made a fukking mistake with their garbage plastic (that’s unacceptable for a 700€ device!!) and RE version seems to be the only one that solves the problem. Some people had to replace 3 or 4 times their headset because of it and I don’t want to spend my life in asking replacement!!!


Backers were first supposed to get a trade offer, where you would send your 5K/8K back, pay some extra money and get an 8KX.

Now instead we get: “great news you can keep your headset”…


I am similar and absolutely agree. I have a 5k+ with cracks waiting on these announcements for an RMA.
If I choose to change to a new model it is a ridiculous waste to end up with an extra 5k+ I have to then sell.

Better to apply a direct discount on the upgrade and not waste the energy, resources and shipping making an unrequired headset.

Go for the Green credentials Pimax, support direct RMA upgrades.


Same boat here. Need to RMA for cracks, head strap fail, audio port too loose/doesn’t work.

I’ve been waiting on a “revision 2” of some sort so I’m not just trading 1 set of problems for other potential ones.


It would be nice if I could send my 5k+ back that has cracks and audio
jack not working and get the 8k I originally backed.


Maybe @SweViver can suggest this point.


I suppose they might be willing to send you back the 5K RE if you paid for the difference. That being said, IIRC the RE is MUCH more expensive (think 2-3x the price).


This may be possible. We are providing you with a detailed replacement plan.


I just had an RMA and they gave me no option I asked when I sent it in and there reply was we would cross that bridge when we go there. Today i recieved an email with tracking and never gave me any options. I was a 8k backer and returned the 5K+ last week and was looking for any options and would have been willing to pay. For upgrading even to RE. But no option given. I have no need for the replacement 5K if I upgrade in October.


The new plastic non RE is a vast improvement in strength. Mine feels much more ridged and not soft. However does not feel as light. Expected


Could You take a few pics of it? Specifically where the front- and back housing joins?



Thanks…! :wink:


And it actually looks better in person. The white spots in the photos don’t show. And it is ridged not soft at any point.:blush:


Is that headset supposed to have the improved plastic…? I can see cracks on the bottom left corner and front piece…?


The imperfection is lint I believe. The headset is in perfect shape. I dont know if its supposed to have the new plastic. It seems vastly improved over my original 5k+. The old one felt weaker all around. This feels as solid as my vive. No joke.