Reactions to the Pimax Progress Update of 1/25/2018


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Real o Virtual, in Spanish:
Pimax estima que los envíos de los 8K arrancarán en el segundo trimestre

Road To VR:
Pimax “8K” Headset Kickstarter Deliveries Delayed to Q2

Tom’s Hardware:
Pimax Confirms Shipment Delays, Targeting Q2 Release

Pimax 8K VR Headset Deliveries Delayed Again
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Some perspecive:



Did anyone really expect anything else? And I do not mean that in a bad way, January always seemed a little aggressive for delivery to start. I would consider anything before Q3 to be pretty good going.


Some of us would have anticipated as much. Especially those experienced backing with kickstarter as 6month - 1 year + delays can be quite common with most projects.

However there will be a group of naive people out there ready to wave their pitchforks threatening refunds and complaints expecting the forecasted dates to still be met.

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Good points. But also keep in mind we are seeing things that are often hidden til a company chooses to reveal the final or near final iteration of a product prior to release.

Prototyping is a process where we only usually get the odd glympse due to leaked photos or info.

Now with the ever changing nature of business we may see more of this process; if business sees positive flow created by involving backers/investors in the process.

Without Mistakes; there is very little opportunites to learn & grow.


There are always delays when releasing a new product, especially one as complicated as this. Which is why I anticipated during the Kickstarter that we would most likely not receive our headsets until early/mid-summer at the very earliest. And as many people have reiterated, we would rather have Pimax take their time and get it right the first time.


Ya that Oculus disaster really killed that company. Now I have had this dam Rift for the last year and a half and what good is it. No support, company out of business, what a paper weight this thing turned out to be.
Not only was it not a disaster for them but the reviewer that obviously sensationalize the headline still exists so people will get over this delay and move on. As long as they deliver.

Great post btw. I had forgotten that story.


So , what is the status on the Pimax 8K X ? The only way I am buying a Pimax if it is the 8K X … do you have a working model ? How is it handling the load of two 4K inputs ? How long to sale ?


Yeah, this is a total misuse of the word “again”. As far as I know this is the first delay. And it was expected by many of us…


Is the title in VRRoom.


Well said. If i speak up , they ban me in this forum, despite I defend the 8k from bias attacks against the 8k, that I see popping up here and elsewhere on the internet


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The article no longer exists, VRroom have removed it.

This is all that remains about Pimax in VRRoom.