Ready Player One review


When I was a kid the movie Lawnmowerman got me hooked to the VR hype of the time (1993), then in 2013 I read the book Ready Player one that restarted it and got me to buy an Oculus Rift dk2 a year later.
Finally the movie is coming out and it’s gonna bring the VR hype back to the masses :wink:


Indeed Tron was way too immersive lol


Short lived & truly perhaps not that good.

VR.5 is an American science-fiction television series first broadcast on the Fox network from March 10 to May 12, 1995. Ten of its thirteen episodes were aired during its original run. Wikipedia

Captain Power & The soldiers of the Future

The captain fights Lord Dread and the BioDread armies.
First episode date: September 1, 1987
Final episode date: March 27, 1988

Characters cruise the city of Mainframe.
First episode date: September 10, 1994
Final episode date: November 30, 2001

And many more greats. This company also did Transformers Beastwars/beasties series as well.


Yeah forgot about Tron LOL, but actually I associated VR with HMDs specifically after The Lawnmower Man, even though I had to wait until 1995 to try my first one (Forte VFX-1).

Back to RPO, there should be 8 SteamVR experiences coming out this month for free, can’t wait to try them!


That’s awesome. I hear you though movies like Lawnmowerman actually used an hmd lol.

Though William Shatner’s TekWar series fits as well. & in a way one could say Avatar.


Just finished watching it, I can say for sure Spielberg has outdone himself, this is THE movie the will bring back VR to the masses, go watch it now!