Realteus sim shaker seat (NOW DELIVERED)



I havnt been able to try this yet as my setup rileys on vr set ,so as soon as my pimax turns up i can try it all,it fits perfect in my omp chair really comfy ,the motors feel bigger than i was expecting so should give some large feedback



Absolute rubbish people. This outfit is a scam and are trading off the popularity of the seats the Andre makes. He takes less than 3 weeks to custom build you one and send you a working product(So go get one off him if you want an actual working product). Steer way clear of Realteus. I pre ordered a force-feel off them early last year and I’ve had nothing but excuses and lies from them. Their communication is basically non existent to customers and when they do its utter BS and not worth the effort of them to type such dishonest rubbish.I dont hold much hope of getting my money back out of such a fraudulent pack of con artists.Hopefully there are others like Andre out there making good simulation products that arent like these bunch of muppets from Realteus,


I love my buttkickers. 4 corner setup for all four wheel feedback in cars and also works great for planes.
You definitely need to run software for gaming otherwise you’re just adding more tactile bass to your sound. The real joy is in the buttkickers feeding you vibrations from the game. I feel each wheel when racing. I feel a missile releasing from my left wing or the rear wheels hitting first on touchdown etc. It’s a totally different experience to using it for sound.
As people above use, I use Sim Commander 4 and SimShaker for Aviators.


Thats funny because andre sells the older versions the one i have is the latest model he just makes his own modifacations ,
but yes if i had seen his site i would of had one 6 months ago instead of waiting all this time ,but im not disapointed so far


Got a pretty good review from this guy.


Got a new update lo oks like they are expanding the software choices far as i can tell hopfully this will lead up to ED

Hello Gary,

Our approach is to keep the ForceFeel as open to other software platforms as much as possible.

We are newly cooperating with the developers of SimHub/ShakeIt software, an alternative to SimShaker, which will make ForceFeel compatible with all racing games supported by the current ShakeIt plugin. The supported effects varies depending on the game’s telemetry.

The software will be available within the ForceFeel’s Standard Edition.

Do you have any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at +420 228 883 732 (EU) Monday-Friday 08:00 AM - 7:00 PM CET or via email at​


I’m selling my Gametrix jetseat in UK if anyone is interested they can pm me.


BTW: We got beta support in IL 2 BoX for gametrix/relteus in Andre software caled Wings

I have 2 year old Gametrix Jet Seat ,and I’m wonder if there is a reason for upgrade to Realteus ?
I read that “sound mode” in Realteus is stereo now so anyone here tested that “stereo” in Elite and can compare to previous ver. ?


man they got real crap customer support 4 months without working software ,a bit of a joke if you ask me


I think your gametrix is good enough.
I’ll certainly be trying the beta on IL2 BOS.
I wonder if the motion simulation people at Next Level can now get telemetry for IL2, that would make me very happy.


They created plugin for SimTools software recently but I dont know if Next Level Seat is working with this software. I guess they have own API for telemetry.


still nothing and this thing dose nothing without software which they wont supply 4 months after nothing narda not even a reply six messages left ,they really suck at this


Had an original Buttkicker in the way back days. It wasn’t very robust and the transducer overheated and cut out a lot, eventually burning out. Built my own haptic chair 5 years back using two AuraSound AST-2B-4 Pro Bass Shakers (50 watts ea). Attached 1 under the seat and 1 to the back of chair. Run them off a Y-split from my X-FI soundcard to a 200 watt Sony amp.


I got one my self bolted under my seat running of amp and sound card ,i like the seat pad but pissed as going to have to buy the software now ,not such a break the bank deal just kinda like if pimax decided to send out a bunch of empty boxs for stretch goals


Its now dead ,nothing going on but hic ups and still no software licence in sight ,cant say it was any good now because i never got the chance to try it properly ,but hay at least they replyied and said "we are sorting your licence out please be patient "2 months ago …
Blaaa and Blaa to this thing